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  • Antennas - A Tutorial
    Antennas are simply lengths of conductive metal that radiate radio signals into the air. Most common antennas are designed to be one-quarter, sometimes one-half, and the wavelength of the radio signal they are to transmit/receive. Wavelength is calculated with the formula: Wavelength (meters
  • The Accurate Measurement of Biological Effective Ultraviolet Radiation
    A UV-B meter having sharply increasing sensitivity with decreasing wavelength can be shown to well represent a large number of known biological action spectra. The accuracy of the meter, which is temperature stabilized, and its long term stability enable accurate UV and UV trend information
  • Medical Device Link .
    Wavelength and power meter offered for testing diode lasers A wavelength and power meter has been introduced by Laser Components (UK) Ltd. (Chelmsford, UK; ) that simultaneously measures the power and wavelength of a laser diode. The Wavepower handheld instrument can express power measurements
  • Photonic chips take a step towards practical applications
    Also from Cornell researchers comes a broadband light amplifier on a silicon chip, considered a significant step towards photonic microchips, devices in which photons replace electrons as the means of communication. A four-wave mixer inputs two photons at a pump wavelength and converts them
  • Wired 9.08: Beam On
    The wavelength of a laser beam depends on the type of atom or compound used in the chip. Ordinary laser pointers have a chip containing aluminum gallium arsenide phosphide, and emit a red beam at a wavelength of 670 nanometers. The reactive substance in a conventional pump laser is gallium indium
  • Water in Acetic Acid & p-Xylene with a ChemView (R) Filter Photometer
    Challenge: Can quantitative analysis be done with a multiple wavelength filter photometer? Background: The spectra of this 3-component mixture are complex. Initial visual inspection suggests that a complete spectrum and multivariate analysis (PLS - partial least-squares) are required. Experimental
  • Medical Device Link .
    of the dimensions discussed in this article are actually bigger than many realize. People often think of the wavelength of light as being very small. Actually, it is barely "submicron," as the microchip manufacturers would say. Red light has a wavelength of 0.65 um, or 650 nanometers (nm). Most people routinely
  • A Primer on Displacement Measuring Interferometers
    system is based on the precise knowledge of the wavelength of light. A DMI allows the user to minimize geometrical errors, such as Abbe offset error and opposite axis error, that are associated with mechanical displacement measuring techniques. Depending on the system configuration, a DMI can resolve
  • TIL-TEK Antenna Seminar
    of the radio waves, therefore we can find out how far the wave travels in 1 cycle by dividing its' speed by its' frequency. We call this a wavelength (abbreviated ?) An antenna is a device which transforms electromagnetic signals from a transmission line, into electromagnetic waves radiating into free

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