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Parts by Number for Wavelength Meter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
KIT-FO4B-WSMDSDSC Tequipment.Net OWL Not Provided Fiber OWL 4 BOLT meter with WaveSource Quad-Wavelength MM/SM light source , SC Connector
SFP-500-GMF Not Provided Communications / Ethernet / Ethernet Switches / Managed Ethernet Switches & Accessories STRIDE Gigabit (1.25GB) Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver module (Transmit/Receive). Uses a short wavelength of 850nm, supports data transmission up to 550 meters on a multi-mode fiber. LC duplex receptacle, SFP Multi-Source Agreement compliant. 1.0625Gbps Fibre Channel FC-PI 100-M5-SN...

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  • Antennas - A Tutorial
    Antennas are simply lengths of conductive metal that radiate radio signals into the air. Most common antennas are designed to be one-quarter, sometimes one-half, and the wavelength of the radio signal they are to transmit/receive. Wavelength is calculated with the formula: Wavelength (meters
  • Single Longitudinal Mode Blue-Violet Laser Diode for Data Storage
    longitudinal mode operation. Single mode operation in the wavelength locked range was confirmed by the reading of a wavelength meter. (Coherent Wavemaster, 1 pm resolution). 403.078. Wavelength meter. Coherent Wavemaster: 0.001 nm res. 403.077. [nm] 403.076. ngth. 403.075. v. e. le. a. W 403.074. 403.073
  • Optical Metrology for Large Telescope Optics
    , “temporal” laser interferometer the reference. optic is translated relative to the test surface in known steps, typically quarter-wavelength shifts. The instrument. acquires a frame of phase data following each shift. From this phase data the optical path difference (OPD) can. be determined
  • Medical Device Link .
    Wavelength and power meter offered for testing diode lasers A wavelength and power meter has been introduced by Laser Components (UK) Ltd. (Chelmsford, UK; ) that simultaneously measures the power and wavelength of a laser diode. The Wavepower handheld instrument can express power measurements
  • The Accurate Measurement of Biological Effective Ultraviolet Radiation
    A UV-B meter having sharply increasing sensitivity with decreasing wavelength can be shown to well represent a large number of known biological action spectra. The accuracy of the meter, which is temperature stabilized, and its long term stability enable accurate UV and UV trend information
  • Core Technology Series Part 3: Multivariable Mass Vortex (.pdf)
    operates. Von Karman discovered that the distance between vortices, or the wavelength, is constant for higher. Reynolds numbers. The Reynolds number is a parameter used to describe fluid flow. It encompasses the. fluid’s velocity, density, and viscosity and the pipe’s diameter. The Reynolds number
  • Computer Controlled Variable Attenuator for Tunable Lasers
    of the photo-detector’s precise wavelength. detector, a single channel power meter, a Glan-laser polarizer, a 1/2 wave-plate. calibration. This is especially important when the laser power. mounted in a motorized rotation stage, two beam samplers, a spectrometer. and a PC. needs to be held constant
  • Optical Dictionary
    into a round beam. Angstrom unit: A unit of measurement of wavelength equal to 10-10 meter, 0.1 nanometer, or 10-4 micrometer. No longer widely used or recognized in the SI system of units. Angular drift: Any unintended change in direction of the beam before, during, and after warm-up, measured
  • RFID Coil Design
    with the wavelength of the operating frequency. In an RFID application utilizing the VLF (100 kHz ? 500 kHz) band, the wavelength of the operating frequency is a few kilometers (l = 2.4 Km for 125 kHz signal). Because of its long wavelength, a true antenna can never be formed in a limited space of the device
  • Wired 9.08: Beam On
    The wavelength of a laser beam depends on the type of atom or compound used in the chip. Ordinary laser pointers have a chip containing aluminum gallium arsenide phosphide, and emit a red beam at a wavelength of 670 nanometers. The reactive substance in a conventional pump laser is gallium indium

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