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  • My 400 BHN Plate will Outwear your AR 500!?? (.pdf)
    A description our how our Astralloy 4800 material can actually outlast typical 500 Brinell wear plate. My 400Bhn Plate Will Outwear Your AR500 My 400Bhn Plate Will Outwear Your AR500 ! ??. That does not sound logical to most people when they first hear it. But, it can happen. HOW?. Let’s look
  • Why Hard Materials vs. Metals
    down-. these hard materials,. time and costly field service calls. We’ve also used. we have become a. various ceramic materials as stops in lapping applica-. global leader in this. tions, allowing for precision thickness lapping and. specialized field. extending wear life compared to more
  • Reconditioning Large Gears
    for material integrity the rim thickness, tooth thickness, tooth size, and wear to the teeth are measured to estimate whether or not the gear blank is a candidate for reconditioning. Essentially, is there is material enough for generating a new tooth?. Calculations derived from AGMA Standards
  • Medical Device Link .
    intricate and difficult parts. The tooling used for the photoetching process is typically an image of the part plotted in emulsion on a Mylar film. This tooling is suitable for most applications. For designs that require extremely tight feature controls, the emulsion is plotted onto a glass plate
  • Heavy Piercing with Plasma
    assign a five-second pierce for a certain metal thickness, but a setup with new consumables might penetrate the plate in less than half the time. After several arc-on hours, though, consumables wear and pierce times increase. Setting a consistent, albeit longer, pierce time helps ensure complete
  • Torch Height Control for Automated Plasma Cutting Applications
    and the THC will tend to dive the torch into the plate. Electrode wear. As more time and cut cycles are recorded on the torch electrode, a wear pit forms in the hafnium emitter. Since this part of the electrode is the point that the arc attaches to, and the arc voltage is measured from . . . expect
  • Trip Dogs and Trip Rails
    . Insertion and ad-. justment to the dogs can be car-. ried out rapidly and simply at any. point. Materials are cast iron and. aluminium. U-Trip Dogs are purpose de-. signed for insertion in the U-trip. rails and are fitted with a split-plate. clamping mechanism and sensiti-. ve, exact adjustment can
  • Maximizing Accuracy in Microinch Measurement
    , vibration, wear, looseness, the operator, and equipment. There are a number of factors that affect microinch measurement accuracy. The critical factors are: temperature, contamination, contact point penetration, looseness, alignment, vibration, wear, accuracy of the masters, the instrument operator

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