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  • Web Coaters and Roll Coaters
    Web coaters and roll coaters are used to rapidly apply controlled layers of paint, protective films, adhesives and other types of coatings onto the surface of paper, plastic film, coil stock, metal foils and other sheet materials. The coating is often metered onto a roll and then transferred onto
  • Web monitoring
    Web monitoring - Breaks reduced by 40% Freelance Writer, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada "This is the best accepted project by production operators that I have ever seen, " says Pierre Hudon, Production Manager at the Paperboard Jonquière Division of Paperboard Industries Corporation. He was referring
  • Roll-to-Roll Coating for Printed Electronics and the Role of Contract Manufacturing
    for patterning a moving web with high precision and resolution include gravure, microgravure, industrial inkjet, photoresist techniques, and others. Choosing the right coating method for a specific product is crucial. The most common methods for roll-to-roll coating of printed electronics include gravure, slot
  • The latest developments in camera event capturing
    are essential to allow for the best possible web viewing locations to be utilized and to ensure the cameras are not in the way of any routine machine maintenance. Event CapturingHow and what type of methods are used for recording the events is just as critical as the cameras. The main objective
  • Re-engineering Gives Converter Bang for Their Buck (.pdf)
    into the web path. The. plant engineer doesn't have to resize the width. controlling. of the machine frame or devise complicated. mounting configurations that are required to. accommodate load cell/ transducers and a. separate idler roll. The Tension Roll is sized. to fit the machine frame exactly
  • New low impact paper
    , as are the difficulties in blade coating. Film transfer technology has taken a big step in the right direction. The weaker base papers can be coated. Still there is heavy web contact with many dependencies and interactions between coater and paper in the film transfer nip. The coat weight variations caused
  • Latest experiences of film coating
    when deciding about a MSP layout are listed in Table 1. The web release at the roll nip exit is perhaps the most critical issue for a C2S concept, which is not a problem in a 2C1S concept. For the 2C1S concept, the colour strike-through is critical when coating the first side of the paper web
  • Medical Device Link . The Fundamentals of Selecting Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
    processing features thermoplastic rubbers formulated with tackifying resins, oils, and antioxidants. The adhesive is coated onto a web at very high temperatures ( >300 F) and cools in the roll. Emulsion techniques use adhesive ingredients that are polymerized in water, applied to a web, and then dried