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  • Barcode Technology for an Incentive Reward Program to Reduce Construction Wastes
    The scanner we selected is PSC QuickScan 5385 scanner with keyboard wedge type decoder integrated, which allows barcode scanning to be added to almost any application without modification to the application software (PIPS 2001).
  • Unitech MS 146I - barcode scanner | Softchoice
    The MS180's flexible, multiple interface design supports keyboard wedge , RS232, USB, wand emulation and sixteen popular terminals … The powerful built-in decoder reads and discriminates all major symbologies, reducing processing time and labor costs … Barcode menus provide extensive configuration options.
  • CR4 - Thread: keyboard wedge scanner and script usage
    Scan barcode and get Pathfinder Tags: keyboard wedge scanners scripts You might be interested in: Scan and Video Converters, Bar Code Decoders , Vision Sensors .
  • Computerized CAMAC and NIM module library
    The decoder and interface are built into what is called a wedge , because it is " the database barcode , which is created by the administrator.
  • CR4 - Thread: Barcode to Excel
    Hand held barcode scanners have the keyboard wedge option. You might be interested in: Scan and Video Converters, Bar Code Decoders , Career Management and Placement Services .
  • Biometrics
    The scanners function as "dumb terminals," using magnetic stripe or barcode outputs to send employees' ID … Hand scanners adapt to many point-of-sale teraiinals through the use of an intermediate decoder , also known as a "keyboard wedge ." .
  • Design of the “army-ant” cooperative lifting robot
    Simple tone decoders can be used to detect emitted signals with a priori known meanings. First, it makes the entire top platform a lifting wedge , instead of the shorter hinged portion of … … such that it modulates the emitted beacon signal, or otherwise mounted on the payload itself ( barcode , perhaps).
  • CR4 - Thread: How Does a Grocery Store Barcode Reader Work?
    a) Keyboard Wedge or USB Cable barcode … You might be interested in: Bar Code Decoders , Slot Card Bar Code Scanners, Handheld Bar Code Scanners .
  • Dubbel
    It acts over lever 7 and over a rotating wedge 8 acting between brake levers 4 and … This can optically magnetically mechanically be encrypted through OCR-characters or through the very often inserted bar code (bar code). By the detection of this serial character, a decoder starts processing the pulse train of the scanner.
  • Advances in Manufacturing Technology
    … parts labels, component labels and product labels; site hardware devices include passive reader, barcode gun, work station … That which audio encoder- decoder code will be used depends on the link quality of the network … … the glass window plates are vertically set, and the shape of the optical wedge is assumed in …
  • Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications. With Aspects of Artificial Intelligence
    Sujeevan, R., Hebert, P.D.N.: BOLD: The Barcode of Life Data System. … the fast curvelet transformis first to separate the frequency domain of image into wedge region, which is … … phenomena, or say, unpacketization and requantization can be continued as usual and the decoder only needs to …
  • Sensors, Measurement and Intelligent Materials
    Barcode Readers using the Camera Device in Mobile Phones[A]. Infrared encoder/ decoder , synchronous communication, SPI, I2C. … separated to two images in the focal plane of ICCD camera by a wedge , as illustrated in …
  • Automation Equipment and Systems
    In Chinese [5] F.M.liang: PDF417 Barcode and Its Decoding. … 5, P2.6, respectively, of four signal lines control the two 74LS138 address decoder output signal lines … The wedge honeycomb torus structure is shown in Fig.1 and Fig. 2.
  • Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence
    Wang, K., Zou, Y., Wang, H.: Barcode reading from images captured by camera phones. … using a k-level binary tree decomposition that leads to 2k subbands with wedge shaped frequency partition … The pseudorandom sequence of blocks is regenerated at decoder with the help of the shared secret seed.