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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
W62-1 Newark / element14 THOMAS & BETTS Not Provided THOMAS & BETTS - W62-1 - #2-#6 SERVICE WEDGE CLAMP
082-B0202-2218 Powell Electronics, Inc. AMPH RF Not Provided N WEDGE CLAMP PANEL
082-B0202-2218 Allied Electronics, Inc. AMPHENOL RF DIVISION Not Provided N WEDGE CLAMP PANEL JACK/RG188
082-B0202-2218 Digi-Key Amphenol-RF Division Connectors, Interconnects N WEDGE CLAMP PANEL JACK/RG188
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  • Needle Pull-out Test
    a Manual Test Stand and an Advanced Force Gauge with the needle held in a self-tightening Wedge Grip. The ferrule was supported in a Universal Support Fixture. The customer required a relatively low-cost solution which provided flexibility for various component variations and ensured the operator
  • Maintaining a Tight Grip
    a wedge-effect and prevents the bolt from rotating loose. Achieve and maintain a high and accurate clamp load with quick and easy installation and removal. A reliable and elegant solution. Read more. Multi-jackbolt tensioners (MJTs). Nut-style tensioners. Achieve high and accurate preload with hand
  • Aerospace Industry Turns to Innovative Fastener Thread to Keep the Mission from Falling Apart
    due to thermal expansion. and contraction. The unique thread form, offered by Madison. Heights, Mich.-based Spiralock Corp., is a 30º. Photoelastic comparison of Spiralock’s 30º wedge ramp. “wedge” ramp cut at the root of the female thread—. (right) shows distributed threaded joint’s load throughout
  • Innovative Fastener Thread Form Can Take the Heat and Vibration of Diesel Engines
    “vee”. Caterpillar has also adopted Spiralock fasteners. thread design, the Spiralock thread form is a 30º. for diesel engine applications such as turbocharger. “wedge” ramp cut at the root of the female thread. mounts, exhaust manifold joints and attachments, af-. Under clamp load, the crests
  • Soldered Flexi-Circuits Tensile Test
    system, 100N load cell, a wedge grip, a specially designed sample location plate, sample clamp top plate and fixture clamp. Testing a flexi-circuit with a Wedge Grip and the MultiTest 1-x. Easy-to-use dedicated test fixture. The PCB is positioned in the location plate to avoid movement of the sample
  • Spiralock Fasteners Make Descent to Saturn's Largest Moon
    thread form unique is a 30º. “wedge” ramp cut at the root of the female thread. Under clamp load, the crests of the threads on any. standard male bolt are drawn tightly against the wedge. ramp. This not only eliminates sideways motion that. causes vibrational loosening but also distributes
  • Battery Terminal Tension Test
    Handwheel-driven ValuTest-D. Economy Lever-operated ValuTest-L. Grips and Fixtures. Tensile Testing Grips & Fixtures. 500N and 200N Wedge Grips. 5kN Wedge Grip. 10kN Wedge Grip. 25kN Wedge Grip. Cable Cam Grip - Small. Heavy Duty Belt Grips. Large Circular Bollard Grips. Large Double-Action Vice Grips. Large
  • New Test Data Offers Resolution for Toughest Engineering Challenges
    for. relative to female threads until clamp load is applied. drilling completion equipment. The crests of the standard male thread form are then. drawn tightly against the wedge ramp, eliminating ra-. firmed the locking fastener’s resistance to vibration. dial clearances and creating a continuous spiral line
  • Taming Extreme Forces
    with that of Spiralock locking fas-. even under extreme conditions. One of the most in-. teners. What makes Spiralock unique is a 30º “wedge”. teresting solutions is also the simplest - an innovative. ramp cut at the root of the female thread (while tradi-. self-locking fastener called Spiralock. By its unique
  • The Ultimate Tapping Screw for Plastics
    threads at the major diameter permit a "knife " versus "wedge " action as the. thread form moves into the receiving material. • The cutting process of this sharp thread displaces receiving wall plastic with less. outboard pressure. Splitting and distortion are eliminated; bosses can be thinner