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  • Weigh Scale Applications for the MCP3551
    AN1030 Weigh Scale Applications for the MCP3551 This application note will focus specifically on load Author: Jerry Horn, Gordon Gleason cells, a type of strain gauge that is typically used for Lynium, L.L.C. measuring weight. Even more specifically, the focus will be on fully active, temperature
  • Gravimetric Flow Controllers and Weigh Feeders
    Gravimetric flow controllers and weigh feeders control flow on a weight or mass basis (e.g., pounds per hour). Feeders with integrated weighing capability use load cells or scales to provide continuous or batch weighing of one or more components. Some loss-in-weight or weight loss differential
  • Mini fuel cells slated to power cell phones
    , the research team is working with the University of Naples to develop membranes that are more permeable and cheaper than membrane materials currently available. Prototypes of fuel cells will find their way into notebook computers before the end of next year, according to Direct-methanol fuel cells weigh about
  • Application Note: In-Motion Rail Weigh
    characteristics in order to diagnose possible side to side loading issues, overload issues, wheel flats or wheel impact issues, at any railcar speed. Learn how this was accomplished using Interface Model 2400 Standard Stainless Steel Load Cells and Model BSC4-USB Multi-Channel Bridge Amplifier & PC Interface
  • Introduction to Load Cells
    widely used. Mechanical scales can weigh everything from pills to railroad cars and can do so accurately and reliably if they are properly calibrated and maintained. The method of operation can involve either the use of a weight balancing mechanism or the detection of the force developed
  • Medical Device Link .
    for proper health management. Accurate scales are also useful in extreme cases. Neonatal babies must be weighed in grams, and bariatric patients can weigh 1000 lb or more. However, obtaining these weights accurately can be challenging. Outside vibrations, out-of-level conditions, movement, air drafts
  • Medical Device Link .
    Spotlight on Pumps and Valves Pneumatically operated Teflon diaphragm valves have 0.25- to 2-in. spigot connections for high-purity applications. The BSD-series units have no metals or elastomers in contact with process liquid, and weigh as little as 5 oz. The valves permit up to 100-psi inlet
  • Wheel Hubs
    in back injuries. Restrictions: *?Wheel hubs weigh up to 150 lb. *?Hubs are 7" long with a 3.5" - 4.0" bore. *?Pick-up height is 11" with the bore vertical and the hub in a crate. *?Placement height is 32.5" - 40.0" with the bore horizontal. *?Hubs need to be rotated around the horizontal axis to align