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  • Improving Weigh Feeder Control Using Scale Location Compensation
    This paper describes how "Scale Location Compensation" can be used to improve weigh feeder performance in various applications. Scale Location Compensation ("SLC") was developed by Thayer Scale to meet special systems needs in 1976 (1) (2) (3) (4), and is used in control loops to effectively move
  • Applications with Inclined and Vertical Loads
    and referring to figure 1, let the empty conveyor weigh 20 lbm and have a load of 80 lbm being conveyed, and let the acceleration rate = 1 ft/sec2. In order to select the proper drive/motor rating, it is necessary to evaluate how the forces act on the motor shaft.
  • Cement Plant Conveys and Weighs "Green" Bulk Fuel Ingredients in Process to Replace Coal
    When replacing coal with an alternative fuel comprised of recycled waste materials, a cement producer chose flexible screw conveyors to convey and weigh pulverized fuel ash to the fuel preparation plant.
  • Crankshafts
    Problem: Picking up the crankshafts and transferring them to the inspection table was repetitive. The crankshafts weigh 25 lbs. and were difficult to pick up by hand. Application: The application calls for a way to grip the crankshafts in a horizontal position on one of two parallel conveyors
  • Learn how to Batch Directly from Bulk Bags
    A bulk bag batching system is comprised of a bulk bag discharger whose outlet is directly coupled to a feed control device such as a screw feeder or flexible conveyor. The feed device is typically supported by the bulk bag discharger support structure. A microprocessor based batch weigh controller
  • Flywheel Housings and Flywheels
    and flywheels weigh up to 350 lbs. each. * Housings have no inside access and must be gripped by O.D. * Flywheels are mounted inside installed housing with no O.D. clearance. * Housings and Flywheels need to have mounting bolts aligned to install. * Engine centerline at 24" from the floor. * Limited floor
  • Diesel Engine Cylinder Liners
    weigh 40-110 lbs., are 18-52" long, 2-6" ID, and 3.25-6.5" OD. *?Universal tooling for different weights and sizes of parts. *?Air supply limited to 80 psi. *?Need to pitch liners up to allow material to fall out. *?Workplace temperature ranges from 30ºF to 110ºF.
  • Increase Productivity Through Vibration Packing
    NEED: The customer had an application problem. They needed to weigh 55 pounds of flakes in a carton on an existing scale, but needed to vibrate it to pack the material so they could close the carton and then make a 90 degree transfer to a conveyor in a hazardous area. They wanted to accomplish

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