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  • The Design and Use of Locating Pins: White Paper
    be as hard as 3000 Vickers. A variety of insulating coatings or materials can be used in case of welding applications. KCF stainless steel coat is one of surface treatments that provides great insulation and prevents weld build-up between the work piece and the surface of the pin (see Figure 17
  • Wireless technology improve your Confirmation of workpiece on moving pallet
    Weld Sidemember placed on pallet. 8 proximity switches are used to confirm seating of the Sidemember on the pallet. Spatter resistant surface makes the cleaning easy, even in event of spatter. contamination. ./f77a57b8-e57b-4a8d-8429-d42abf88f10d Welding process / pallet. Remote System. moving
  • Medical Device Link .
    switches, and the tooling is indexed into the welding position and the weld starts automatically. When the weld is complete the tooling is retracted back to the load-and-unload position and unclamped. The catheter is removed manually. The complete system includes a custom-designed weld fixture
  • Medical Device Link .
    constraints such as part geometry or metallurgy, or requirements such as autogenous welds (i.e., joining without adding a solder or braze) or the ability to make a single spot weld in a particular location. Such restrictions quickly reduce available choices to two processes, namely resistance
  • LaserStar Workstations - The Jeweler's Tool of Choice!
    process can be performed quickly (normally in milliseconds) and does not scar or blemish the welding surface. In fact, by adjusting the laser's beam diameter, a smooth, near polished finish can be achieved with the laser. Since very little heat is generated at the weld point, users can easily weld 0.10mm
  • Manual Laser Micro-Welding Systems are an Alternative to Traditional GTA Welding!
    heat is generated at the weld point, users can easily weld 0.10mm away from the most complicated and intricate machined patterns, polished surfaces, and removable component assemblies. ./82853049-0473-4d4c-9274-805ab2067e05 The MOLD REPAIR Tool of Choice!. Manual Laser Micro-Welding Systems
  • Laser Processing of Fine Wires in Medical Devices
    be achieved in a number of ways including butt welds (when wanting to weld two wires together) and lap welds (often used to join adjacent wires). Also spot welding can be used when joining a wire to another part or component. Microsoft Word - laser_processig_fine_wire_medical_devices_final. Fiber Laser
  • Manual Laser Welders - The Tool of Choice for Eyewear Repair!
    with the laser. Since very little heat is generated at the weld point, users can easily weld 0.05mm away from the most complicated and intricate optical lens, polished surfaces and heat-sensitive assemblies. ./39c240bd-1746-4367-acad-d84f25d39889 The EYEWEAR REPAIR Tool of Choice!. Manual Laser
  • Medical Device Link .
    incidental fluid exposure or as complex as a full-penetration fusion weld for bioimplants such as pacemakers. Hermetic seals can be characterized by a variety of test methods, from standard pressure-decay or bubble-emission tests to sophisticated mass spectrometer or radioactive analyses. Because all
  • Applications
    have been completed. The base metal must be weldable. Straight low-carbon steels or austenitic (300 Series) stainless steels, except free-machining grades, produce good weld results with normal techniques. Other steel alloys can be welded, but heat treatment may be required to develop full weld

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