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  • Consumable Insert Welding Procedure (.doc)
    The Robvon Consumable Insert Ring is to be used with tungsten inert gas (TIG). DC and Straight polarity is used for "TIG" welding. The weld joint and immediate adjoining area of parts to be welded should be prepared by machining or grinding. To assure consistent weld quality, cleanliness must
  • Laser Spot Welding of Copper
    application for lasers especially at the near infra red wavelength. A series of small spot welds were made using 170W CW and a weld time of 0.1s to weld two pieces of 0.1 mm thick copper together. The concentric rings visible on these samples confirm that the high power density of the fiber laser
  • Rotary Systems Continues to Improve Automation
    data and the air swivel is used to provide inert gas at the weld head allowing continues rotation and improving efficiency.
  • How to: Sensing against the elements
    How to select proximity sensors that resist everything from caustic wash downs to weld slag. Authored by Tony Udelhoven Director of Sensors Div. Turck Minneapolis, Minn. Edited by Stephen J. Mraz Proximity sensors can survive in tough environments Find the sensor that matches your application
  • Give cylinder-rod contaminants the boot
    Stitched bellows protect equipment from dirt, chips, and coolant in moderately severe environments. Hydraulic cylinders are constantly exposed to contaminants ranging from dust and abrasive grit to metal chips and weld spatter. Boots or bellows can protect finished rod surfaces from wear-causing
  • Large-Diameter Bearings
    , in contrast to the conventional small bearing where two or more separate bearing assemblies support each rotating element. Also, a large-diameter bearing usually incorporates an integral means of attachment, either mounting holes or weld bands. Usually integral gearing is provided on the inner or outer ring
  • Proximity sensors for stamping dies
    sensors detect metal objects using electromagnetic induction, the material being detected, size of the target, and the physical conditions near the die all help determine sensor types. Physical conditions include the presence of weld fields, high or low-temperature extremes, possibility of RFI
  • Basics Of Design Engineering: Fluid Power
    , prep, align, and weld each connection. Screwed pipe fittings require an average of 48 min to connect and align. And the cost of skilled welders and pipefitters required to install pipe systems make tubing a financially wise choice. If welding is the only option, however, tubing and an orbital welding

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