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Parts by Number for Weld Ring Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
85-500A-0L ASAP Semiconductor IC SENSORS Not Provided Pressure Sensor, Model 85, 500psia, Weld Ring, Leads
00305077 PLC Radwell Hydac Not Provided ELF P 5 G 10 W 3.0 NO WELD RING
02062167 PLC Radwell Hydac Not Provided HYDAC ELF 5 G 10BN W 3.0 W/WELD RING
02063240 PLC Radwell Hydac Not Provided ELF P 5 G 10 W 2.0 W/WELD RING
NPI-19A-701GH ASAP Semiconductor NOVASENSOR/GE SENSING Not Provided Pressure Sensor, NPI-19 Series, 101.5psi, Weld Ring, 100mV outpu
NPI-19A-201GH ASAP Semiconductor NOVASENSOR/GE SENSING Not Provided Pressure Sensor, NPI-19 Series, 29.01psi, Weld Ring, 100mV outpu
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    009;The IR energy can be delivered to the weld zone using a fiber-optic bundle. The fibers, commonly made from quartz or optically clear polymer, can carry the light energy around curves and for substantial distances. These properties are derived from the phenomenon of internal reflection. Light