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  • Bellows smooth valve moves
    damping action, especially for small displacements. Dampers filled with oil work much better, which prompted Continental to install the oil-filled units on some of its control valves. But the costly, welded diaphragms had limited stroke. And small position errors and contamination in valves
  • Protecting subsea hydraulic systems
    tend to lose their pre-charge, requiring periodic. repressurization. Bellows accumulators. Bellows accumulators consist of essentially the same components as bladder and piston. accumulators, but use edge-welded bellows to separate the gas charge from the system. fluid, Figure 4. As the fluid
  • Natural Gas Compressor System Oil Coolers Case History
    and transported more easily. The use of shell-and-plate heat exchangers in place of conventional welded-plate heat exchangers and shell-and-tube units provides a lot of benefits. Gas Compressor System Oil Coolers Application Literature. Case History. An Extra Measure Of Reliability In. Mission-Critical
  • Medical Device Link .
    operational in temperatures up to 260 F, and enhanced couplings with joints welded to the hubs will operate up to 350 F. Suitable for encoders, stepper motors, and motion control feedback devices, the couplings can also be used in a variety of medical devices. To provide OEMs with adhesives that meet all
  • Making short work of small welds
    . For less-precise work, the beam may be defocused. Electron beam welding focuses a highvelocity stream of electrons at the surface to be welded. The resultant welds are deep and narrow with
  • Medical Device Link .
    -diam post to a disc. A circular 21-mm-long seam was welded in 50 milliseconds with constant local intensity. The welding depth was 0.3 mm. Besides the short welding time for contour lines, the Shadow (stepless high-speed accurate and discrete one-pulse welding) process offers several other advantages
  • Case Study: Pneumatic Braking Systems in Transportation (.pdf)
    time. The Problem. Old Valves & Welded Manifold. Repair on the old valve system meant the maintenance. person had to shut down the yard for an extended period of. time to remove all the piping in order to replace the valve. Custom Manifold. All piping had to be. removed to repair. the valves. The Dale
  • Keeping a retrofit from becoming a federal case
    tiers for a total of 132 risers in the building," he continues. "and all the copper risers needed compensators to accommodate a specification of over 3-inches of expansion. This meant thousands of guides would be welded to the building frame, which was in direct conflict with minimizing odor and flame
  • Helping contractors save money and enhance productivity
    . e ipes as guides would be welded to the build-. loop would easily handle the three-inch. paa. n rdt t o. hef a. E n. ve roetvt er. M aclK iu. nl peg. y ra. Di dre. ks eto. n m. Unieteet. d new ing frame, which was in direct conflict. movement, plus require significantly. fe. St dateers alC

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