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  • Metal Chains
    and link and are not designed to articulate with exceptional smoothness. In this class are detachable, pintle, and welded-steel chain. These types are low-cost chains intended primarily for low-speed drives below 50 hp. Precision chains are designed for smooth, free-running operation at high speeds
  • User Manual for RUD Sling Chains
    or assembled. movable welded connector. Thus ensuring that. the corredt chain diameter and number of legs. - Special quality VIP 10: only chains,. can be connected. Complete identification tag. components and pins stamped with VIP-H1-. with the WLL indications. Connecting bolts and. 8S or H1-10 can be used
  • How Steel Web Elevator Belt & SJ Buckets Enhance the Performance of Bucket Elevators (.pdf)
    each part, thus causing constant wear, then eventually downtime. The elevator buckets are pressed from 4mm mild steel and will therefore have extensive lifetime. of use. A wearband, welded onto the front edge and sides of the buckets is an option if the product. is particularly abrasive. The buckets
  • AirStar Chain Hoist Manual
    welded, link chain;. carburized alloy steel on standard models and surface hardened. chrome-nickel stainless steel on spark resistant models. Both types are. 1-2. BASIC CONSTRUCTION. All sizes and models are of the same basic. especially designed for use in hoisting. design, having many common
  • Decorative/Brite Passivation-A
    The weldment is used in a food heating system for a. major fast food chain. The part is formed and welded. They require a. uniform and stain-free appearance. However, the welding creates discoloration. and contaminates the (HAZ) heat affected zone. The (HAZ). is a source of a contaminated oxide
  • Medical Device Link . Advances in Joining Methods
    strength and achieves short cycle times. Because this low-heat, vibration-free laser welder produces flash-free joints and does not leave behind residue that might contaminate components, it is suited for bonding sensitive parts. While most thermoplastics can be laser-welded using this system
  • Controlling Chromium Fumes
    with particles in this size. manufacture of stainless steel. range. However, thermal effects can cause. OSHA’s lower limits for. Even before the new Cr(VI) exposure. agglomeration of the particles into parti-. regulation, OSHA had established limits. cle chains and clusters that exceed one mi
  • Medical Device Link .
    materials and all welded or joined assemblies will leak to some degree whether by permeation through the bulk material or along a discontinuity path the degree and measure of hermeticity is a function of materials choice, final seal design, fabrication processes and practices, and the use environment
  • The basics of modular conveyors
    Modular conveyors make sense when packagingline logistics change frequently. At one time conveyors were fabricated in permanent configurations. Structural members were usually welded from milled or stainless steel, or aluminum. Newer modular conveyors, however, use extruded aluminum framing
  • Fume Collection Solutions for Hexavalent Chromium Exposure
    Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI) compounds are used as corrosion inhibitors and present an occupational hazard to workers that weld, cut or grind chromium-containing metals such as stainless steel. Particles of hexavalent chromium can be in mists, dust or fumes. Mists can come from using molten metal

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