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  • Hexavalent Chromium Welding Fume Control
    This particular study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the Sentry Air Systems welding fume extractor (Model 300-WFE) when employed to collect fume created by inert-gas welding on 316 stainless steel. The specific purpose of the study was to monitor hexavalent chromium (Cr+6), a human
  • Fundamentals Of Ultrasonic plastic welding
    ultrasonic welding actuator, machine column, base, and controller. The last two decades have seen substantial improvements in ultrasonic plastic-welding machines. Bench-top models feature proportional-valve controls, linear encoders, line-voltage regulation, internal process-control functions
  • The Friction Welding Advantage
    superior strength without sacrificing product integrity. C - axial force is applied for a specific amount of time and upset to create a bond; D - rotators are used to control the rotational speed and force for each material. A friction welding machine determines the rotational speed (rpm), axial
  • The Friction Welding Process
    Initially, parts are loaded into the friction welding equipment. Experienced friction welders control this rotational movement (friction) through a series of unique parameters: After the three parameters are established, they're recorded and stored for use throughout the entire project. Using
  • Motion Control Requirements for Hermetic Seam Welding
    A discussion of the motion control platform in regard to hermetic seam welding of sophisticated electronic devices implanted in the human body.
  • Importance of fume extraction for laser welding
    Innovative metalworking techniques like laser welding can boost productivity in major manufacturing sectors such as automotive and steel. Laser welding can increase operational efficiency by allowing workers to carefully monitor and control these welding processes. However, the fumes generated
  • Advances in Laser Welding Systems (.pdf)
    highlights the special challenges of applying pulses Nd:YAG lasers in precision joining of guidewires and similar structures, motion and laser control techniques beneficial to hermetic laser seam welding of implantable devices, and new metals joining production methods made possible by the availability
  • CMOS Cameras Control Laser Welding Process (.pdf)
    Radiation from the working zone during laser welding is captured by a CMOS camera from Photonfocus and the images processed in a PC. The high speed and exceptional contrast of the camera ensure that the welding process is optimally controlled and adjusted. This results in a significant improvement
  • Medical Device Link . Improving Resistance Welding Process Control in Medical Applications
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry New systems enhance manufacturers' control over key variables during the welding process. During the past two decades, resistance welding has become a widespread method for joining metals in medical manufacturing applications such as biosensors, catheters
  • The Benefits of Closed-Loop Control for the Resistance Welding Process (.pdf)
    Closed-loop resistance welding power supplies use current and voltage feedback sensors to control the energy delivered to the parts. Closed-loop technologies provide many benefits for the resistance welding process. Taking full advantage of these benefits requires a good understanding of resistance

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