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  • The Friction Welding Advantage
    -of-the-art computer systems are used. Exact data can be instantly unarchived to determine all welding variables for each job. Continual testing and monitoring are performed for quality control to make sure each part meets set parameters. The machine is equipped to monitor time, rpm, pressure, distance
  • Welding Techniques for Joining Sensor Bodies
    welding, it can cause burn-through or meltback, frequently ruining the assembly. Some pressure monitoring assemblies therefore incorporate a diaphragm that is sandwiched between two thicker sections. Sometimes an actuator rod is coupled to a diaphragm so that its flexing motion can be transferred
  • Performance and Cost Advantages of Stud Welding
    The stud welding process is an extremely fast and dependable process for attaching abrasion resistant "hard facing" studs. The stud and a ceramic ferrule are held in proper position in the gun by the chuck and ferrule grip (A). Once the operator positions the stud to the work surface, they simply
  • Minimizing Materials & Costs with Exothermic Welding
    ground resistance monitoring product, the GRM2000, which addresses concerns on operator safety and system efficiency. Often in grounding grids it is common to see main grounding conductors sized at 250 mcm or larger. When wire sizes are at this level or larger, it may become difficult and expensive
  • The Benefits of Closed-Loop Control for the Resistance Welding Process (.pdf)
    Closed-loop resistance welding power supplies use current and voltage feedback sensors to control the energy delivered to the parts. Closed-loop technologies provide many benefits for the resistance welding process. Taking full advantage of these benefits requires a good understanding of resistance
  • Friction Welding for Food Industry Manufacturing (.pdf)
    together into a bond. Friction welding involves the use of unique technology incorporating state-of-the-art monitoring controls. This process is in widespread use by large OEMs throughout the industry. AFW WhitePaper.indd AMERICAN FRICTION WELDING, INC. Call 877-845-7927
  • Laser Welding 3D Contoured Thermoplastics (.pdf)
    for welding large, flat assemblies or flexible. sheets/fabrics utilizing, for example, and XY gantry system. Continuous roll-to-roll. applications are also possible. 4. Process implementation and process monitoring. The positioning of the processing head perpendicular to the joining plane is a core
  • Radio Frequency Plastics Welding - The State of the Art
    Plastics Welding - The State of the Art. Steve Ottaway,. Electrotechnical Engineering. Plastics' welding has been with us for a great many years and sadly the basic system design philosophy hasn't changed appreciably since its introduction as a manufacturing process. We at Electrotechnical Engineering Ltd