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  • Description: Residual Stress Distributions for Plate T-Butt Welds in Defect Assessment Applications Volume 4, Issue 1 (January 2007) The residual stress distributions for plate T-butt welds were determined from a detailed finite element analysis of the welding process and they were compared with those

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  • Description: with multiple layers of different materials and devices welded together and with .002 wire attached. Fabrication and assembly process development and validation We develop, validate and fully document processes for fabrication and assembly. It’s a natural part of product development at Pulse

    • Services Offered: Analytical Testing / Inspection, Process Optimization, Training / Consulting
    • Materials / Material Products: Coatings / Paint, Metals / Elements, Stainless Steel, Titanium / Titanium Alloy, Specialty / Exotic Alloy
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Northeast US Only

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  • Description: The paper provides an overview of a number of in-process monitoring applications for vision sensors, particularly in hostile manufacturing environments such as arc and spot welding, molten metal pouring, wood processing and electronics. When vision sensors are mounted right in the manufacturing

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  • Description: stop and low-force jaw close Backed by two-year limited warranty The Model 830 Validatable Sealer is designed to enhance flexibility for operators by allowing them to custom arrange a sealing station that fits their process. The tabletop seal head can be placed in a flow hood, benchtop or cart

    • Automation: Manual
    • Packaging: Bag / Pouch

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  • Description: and ASME BPE dimension standards. Tri-Clover UltraPure quality Alfa Laval Tri-Clover UltraPure tubes are developed to facilitate safe and easy installation that ensures optimum integrity of the piping installations. This complete range of tubes offer high and consistent quality, optimal weldability

    • Shape: Round

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  • Description: precision machines and thermal assembly systems used for; heat staking, swaging, sealing, insertion, film/filter sealing/welding, heat seal connectors, hot bar soldering, and many other precision assembly processes. Key Features o Custom Actuation and Tooling packages to accommodate a multitude

    • Operation: Staking
    • Press Technology - Drive / Actuation: Air / Pneumatic, Thermal Press
    • Frame Type & Orientation: Bench Mounted, H-Frame
    • Stroke: 1 to 4 inch

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  • Description: FOREWORD In 1990 cracking of refinery process equipment in wet H2S service was being widely reported. As a result, committees and task groups of industry organizations, including API, NACE and the Materials Properties Council, were actively seeking improved understanding of the phenomenon

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  • Description: rate Volumetric flow rate Temperature Pressure Fluid density Custom Options Available: Wide range of process connections Wide range of materials High pressure Low/High temperature Rugged, long-lasting design for the toughest applications; no leaks with all welded gasket-free flow body

    • Pipe Diameter: 1 to 8 inch
    • Mounting Type: In-line
    • End Fittings: Compression, Flanged, Threaded
    • Process Media Type: Gas, Liquid, Steam

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  • Description: With a full-flow body design to minimize line turbulence and pressure drop, the Ball valve UltraPure features an encapsulated seat to protect against entrapment and contamination in biotech, pharmaceutical and personal care processes. Ball valve UltraPure quality The valve range consists

    • Valve Type: Ball Valves
    • Primary Material of Construction: Stainless Steel
    • Valve Size: 0.5000 to 4 inch
    • Pressure Rating: 0.0 to 580 psi

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  • Description: surface metal temperature.1 Regardless of the mitigation method(s) selected, the user must take appropriate confirmation steps to validate compliance with the requirements of this standard to ensure that protection from PTA SCC is provided. If process equipment remains unopened and "hot"

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  • Description: . The welding process can introduce hydrogen into the weld metal, mostly from water that is disassociated under the high temperature of the arc. The hydrogen diffuses out over time but may introduce anomalies into tensile test results. These can sometimes be seen as “fisheyes” (small pores

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  • Description: engineering services department for assistance with design for manufacturability, process development and validation, and design performance testing. We deal with it every day, and have a long history of finding efficiencies and performance enhancements. Our engineers understand that time

    • Services: Computer Aided Design (CAD) / Solid Modeling, Computer Aided Machining (CAM), Design / Development, Low Volume Production, High Volume Production, Testing / Inspection
    • Capabilities: Machining, Welding and Fabrication
    • Industry Served: Medical / Health Care
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Northeast US Only

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  • Description: incoming and outgoing quality control and inspections and closely monitors every aspect of the manufacturing process – ­ from raw material sourcing to tolerance and surface finish inspection to packaging and labelling. Tolerances and all surface finishes, for instance, are inspected

    • Valve Size: 0.8858 to 3.94 inch
    • Pressure Rating: 145 psi
    • Media Temperature: -10 to 180 F
    • Connection: Clamp Flange, Butt Weld

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  • Supplier: Intertek

    Description: and products. We can help you navigate it. Our field and in-house laboratory testing services provide the data to optimize the production process and get your product to market quickly and economically. Intertek's testing and certification services support the quality, performance, regulatory

    • Capabilities: Assays / Quantitative, Chemical Testing Services, Diffraction (X-ray, Electron, etc.), Failure Analysis, Field Sampling, Mass Spectroscopy (RGA, etc.), Materials Testing Services, Mechanical Testing, Microscopy / Metallography, Monitoring Programs (Audits / Surveillance), Nondestructive
    • Test / Certify To: ASTM, EPA, NIST
    • Materials: Coatings, Concrete / Mortar, Gases, Ground Water, Petroleum Fluids (Oil & Gas), Sediment, Soil, Surface Water, Water, Welds / Joints
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Northeast US Only, Southern US Only, Southwest US Only, Northwest US Only, Midwest US Only, Canada Only, South / Central America Only, Europe Only, South Asia Only, Near East Only, East Asia / Pacific Only

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  • Description: are already included. Description: The 4-electrode sensors from METTLER TOLEDO provide you with the highest degree of safety during CIP and SIP processes. Installed in optimally suited INGOLD weld-in sockets from METTLER TOLEDO, thorough, safe and easy cleaning is ensured. WideRangeTM technology

    • Conductivity Range: 20 to 800000 MicroSiemens/cm
    • Cell Constant (k): Other
    • Mounting Options: In-Line (Insertion)
    • Maximum Diameter / Width: 0.9700 inch

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  • Description: , passive film on the surface of the steel (passivation). Thus electropolishing is the recommended finish for all applications where cleanliness and corrosion resistance are critical. Quality Control and Documentation An important feature of pharmaceutical process validation is documentation. All

    • Maximum Pressure: 145 psi
    • Maximum Temperature: 302 F
    • Housing Material: Steel - Stainless
    • Other: FDA Compliant

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  • Description: At McClellan Automation Systems we are driven to apply engineering excellence to all that we do, from early R&D and Pilot Scale projects to Fully Automated production ready custom automation systems. We strive to provide world class custom automation solutions through designing machines that

    • Technology and Capability: Part Fabrication Equipment, Marking Equipment, Pick and Place Equipment, Robotics, Testing Equipment, Tooling Systems, Vision Inspection, Web Handling / Converting, Welding, Other
    • Additional Capabilities: Powder / Bulk Handling, Cleanroom Application, Custom Equipment Design
    • Services: Control System Design / Programming, Equipment Design, Systems Design / Integration, Factory Automation, Manufacturing Cells, On-site Support / Training, Turnkey Systems, Process Development, In-house Prototyping / Testing, In-house Production, Automated Testing / Inspection, Data Acquisition
    • Industries Served: Aerospace / Aeronautics, Agriculture, Biotech, Defense / Military, Electrical, Environmental, Fiber Optics, Food / Beverage, General Industry / Manufacturing, Government, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Telecommunications, Transportation, University / Education

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  • Description: allows the customer to have one point of contact on a large project. Applications: Process Control, Manufacturing Systems, and Packaging Systems Markets: Automotive, Aerospace, Construction and Forestry, Food/Beverage, Health/Beauty, Industrial/Commercial, and Consumer Products Machine Safety

    • Technology and Capability: Automated Assembly Equipment, Part Fabrication Equipment, Marking Equipment, Material Handling Automation, Pick and Place Equipment, Robotics, Testing Equipment, Tooling Systems, Vision Inspection, Web Handling / Converting, Welding
    • Additional Capabilities: Cleanroom Application, Custom Equipment Design
    • Services: Safety and Operator Protection, CAD / CAM Support, Control System Design / Programming, Equipment Design, Systems Design / Integration, Factory Automation, Manufacturing Cells, On-site Support / Training, Turnkey Systems, Process Development, In-house Prototyping / Testing, In-house Production
    • Industries Served: Aerospace / Aeronautics, Agriculture, Automotive, Biotech, Chemical, Computer, Defense / Military, Electrical, Electronics, Furnace / Heat Treatment, General Industry / Manufacturing, Marine, Medical, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Plumbing, Telecommunications, Transportation, Other

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  • Description: 250 mL (8 oz) clear boston round open top, welded septum TOC <20ppb TOC Certified Containers EP Scientific is currently offering the only low-level certified vials in the market for Total Organic Carbon testing and sampling. Major TOC instrument manufacturers use and recommend our vials. We

    • Volume: 0.0660 gallons
    • Outer Diameter: 60325 µm
    • Height: 136525 µm

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  • Description: , nonlinear, or unknown materials Bolted and riveted connections Bonded joints Various weld connections Various estimated properties Engineers often rely on previous experiences or estimated properties for modeling bolted connections, bonded joints and welds. Model Update reduces the uncertainty

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  • Description: Peridot offers product testing such as pull testing for weld break strength, pull testing for bonding strength, spring load testing, cycle testing and packaging validation.

    • Capabilities: Certification / Qualification, Comparisons, Engineering Verification Testing, First Article / Contract QA, In-Process In-Line Testing, Reliability / Robustness, Research and Development, Test Fixtures / Equipment, Validation
    • Forms Tested: Components / Parts, Samples / Materials, Products (Machines / Devices)
    • Services Offered: , Sterilization Testing / Validation
    • Test / Certify To: ASTM

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  • Supplier: ECE Global

    Description: ECE Global's Inspection & Approval services are designed for companies who seek assurance of compliance with order specifications and design requirements. Our services support or compliment businesses in validating or achieving quality and conformity compliance with their applicable codes

    • Capabilities: Auditing / Assessment, Certification, Consulting / Training, Evaluation, Failure Analysis / Troubleshooting, Field Evaluation / On-site Inspection, First Article / Contract QA, In-process / In-line Testing, Research and Development
    • Forms Inspected: Components / Parts, Products, Facilities / Capital Equipment, Quality / Management Systems, Samples, Services
    • Services Offered: Condition Monitoring, Corrosion, Flow / Pressure Testing, Leak / Seal Testing, NDT / Inspection, Reliability / Robustness, Visual / Video Inspection
    • Industry Applications: Appliances, Building & Construction, Drugs / Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Health Care / Medical, Hydraulics / Pneumatics, Industrial / Machinery, Marine, Materials, Piping / Pressure Vessels, Welding & Fabrication

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  • Description: Getting a new chemical, pharmaceutical or food product to market isn’t easy. You may have to develop a whole new process and then build specialized equipment to handle it. This can add months to your time to market. Artisan’s Product Development & Manufacturing division can help

    • Services: Certification / Qualification, Computer Aided Design (CAD) / Solid Modeling, Low Volume Production, High Volume Production, Turnkey Product Manufacturing, Testing / Inspection
    • Capabilities: Chemical Manufacturing and Synthesis, Machining, Mechanical Assembly, Welding and Fabrication
    • Industry Served: Chemicals / Raw Materials, Food / Beverage, Industrial / Commercial, Pharmaceutical / Biotech, Other
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Northeast US Only

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  • Description: to measure and validate the most challenging of features. Micro Quality Calibration recognized a long ago that there were serious flaws in the manufacturing approaches to SPC. To that end, we implemented an inspection verification plan which is SPC driven, to enable many of our customers to nearly complete

    • Capabilities: Auditing / Assessment, Certification, Consulting / Training, Evaluation, Failure Analysis / Troubleshooting, Field Evaluation / On-site Inspection, First Article / Contract QA, Fixtures / Equipment, In-process / In-line Testing
    • Forms Inspected: Products, Quality / Management Systems, Samples, Services
    • Services Offered: Dimensional Gaging / Metrology, Electrical / Electronic Testing, Flow / Pressure Testing, Reliability / Robustness, Thermal Imaging / Thermography, Visual / Video Inspection, Specialty / Other
    • Industry Applications: / Laboratory, Piping / Pressure Vessels, RF & Wireless / IT & Telecom, Microelectronics / Electronics, Welding & Fabrication

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  • Practice knowledge welding technique
    DIN EN ISO 15620: "welding - that set themselves the friction welding of metallic materials" requirements for friction welding on process bases, quality requirements, welding instruction, welding process test and welding staff refer.