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  • Improve Shipyard Welding Processes with Automation Carriage
    procedure. This was done through the use of oscillation carriages, remote controlled by the welding technician. Precise, uniform welds are created consistently with much higher arc on time. THE SOLUTION The use of welding automation to improve the overall process and increase arc on time
  • Phoenix International: New Process for Welding Aluminum Underwater
    Aluminum vessels are making their way into the U.S. Navy fleet. While repairs to steel-hulled ships on the water are nothing new, working with aluminum presents far greater challenges. Wouldn't drydocking ease the aluminum-welding process? Yes, it would, but with global reach, U.S. Navy ships can
  • Resistance welding tackles tubes
    Deformation Resistance Welding (ADRW) makes uniform-strength, leaktight welds in tubes faster than possible with traditional methods. Resistance (spot) welding has been used for years to rapidly join sheet metals such as automobile body panels. Here, a pair of blunt-ended electrodes apply electric
  • Medical Device Link . Improving Resistance Welding Process Control in Medical Applications
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry New systems enhance manufacturers' control over key variables during the welding process. During the past two decades, resistance welding has become a widespread method for joining metals in medical manufacturing applications such as biosensors, catheters
  • The Case for Specified Ranges of Interstitial Elements and Iron in Titanium Welding Filler Metal (.pdf)
    for welding the corresponding base metal grade may be better. Corrosion_2001.pdf THE CASE FOR SPECIFIED RANGES OF INTERSTITIAL ELEMENTS AND IRON. IN TITANIUM WELDING FILLER METAL. James A. McMaster. MC Consulting. 20 Garrison Road. Glens Falls, New York 12801. Phone: 1 (518) 793-1157. Fax: 1 (518
  • New 7500 Series FiberStar Workstations Extend the Capabilities of Fiber Laser Micro-Welding Applications
    in welding performance. diversification of FiberStar product line use, as well as penetration into new application. areas, yet to be defined. Fig. 8: 200X magnification demonstrates the. uniform butt weld accomplished with .007”. Tougher Demands for Laser-Based Manufacturing. (.18mm) diameter Nitonal wire
  • Decorative/Brite Passivation-A
    The weldment is used in a food heating system for a. major fast food chain. The part is formed and welded. They require a. uniform and stain-free appearance. However, the welding creates discoloration. and contaminates the (HAZ) heat affected zone. The (HAZ). is a source of a contaminated oxide
  • Medical Device Link .
    Laser transmission welding technology is being increasingly employed in medical engineering. It is suitable for hermetic sealing of electronics and parts with high demands in terms of appearance, strength and diversity in size. The characteristic principle of laser transmission welding

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