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  • Avoiding Pump Problems
    , mining and sewer rehab. They’re well suited for open. projects. The benefit of using. pits, lake un-watering,. a hydraulic submersible pump. manholes, flood control,. is that it can be used in areas. mining and sewer bypass. that would flood and disable. pumping. a conventional pump. They’re. well
  • When Adhesives Stick Too Well
    metering, but when it stood idle between operations, adhesive left in the pump would set up around the shafts and prevent the pump from working when it came time to start up again. Hours of maintenance downtime cut into production efficiency and profitability.A Long List of Adhesive ProblemsThe
  • T-Mag Pump Delivers
    Our Customer has a plating application that required the mixing and re-circulating of chemicals, an 18% Zinc solution @100 F. The customer also needed a sealless solution that could at times, run dry. The pump they used at that time was from one of our major competitors, and was not working well
  • Monitor Your Pump for Process Efficiency
    . These efforts will improve end-product or batch quality, cut the material costs, eliminate waste and reduce maintenance costs. Taking good care of your pump always delivers a positive payback and there are some simple strategies that can be employed-starting with an analysis of process media flow rates
  • How to Select the Right Vacuum Pump for the Application (.pdf)
    evolve large gas loads and require medium, tending towards high. vacuum (10-1 torr to 10-5 torr) may call for secondary vacuum pumps known as diffusion. pumps or vapor boosters. A well designed diffusion pump for heat treat applications will. offer high throughput (mass flow) and have a high tolerance
  • Town of Eckville Stops Pump Station Call Outs With New PSL 5.0 Pump Station Level Controllers
    as the primary sensor. Rick checks the systems periodically by referring to the “run time” reporting screen on each PSL 5.0 Level Controller. Pump run times and alarms are logged automatically as well as run time for the redundant pressure sensors. Using the run time reporting function he can spot pump
  • Positive Displacement Pump and Turbine Pump Attributes to Consider for Liquid-Based Temperature Control (.pdf)
    into. to the carbon components in the. well as other performance related. the fluid by allowing for some. PD pump may cause the fluid to. characteristics of the TU pump. slippage from one pump vane to. turn black and lead to premature. make it the obvious choice for. the next with each vane adding
  • Respiratory PPE for Wet Well Applications
    Wet well sites are generally thought of as sewers, pump stations and waste water holding. tanks, but also include water fountain control valve pits, septic tanks, ewage digesters, and. water tower interiors. Many wet well scenarios are defined as confined space, despite that. some are open

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