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  • Coating and Casting Defect-Free Films
    properties of the coating itself is critical to prevent defects. Target dry thickness, wet lay-down, line speed, coating width and drying dynamics are a few of the elements that must be taken into account when designing and executing the coating process. For example, the thicker the coating, the longer
  • Paint Adhesion
    test, and a scribed wet tape test according to Boeing specifications. Panels (4 by 12 inches) of 2024-T3 aluminum were anodized using the MLT-II process to an average oxide thickness of 0.4 mil. One set of six panels was sealed in a 5% sodium dichromate seal per P.S. 132011 section 6.5.2 and another
  • Medical Device Link .
    seals, filters, flanges, valves, sensors, analytical instrumentation, semiconductor chambers, slit valves, vacuum components, wet stations, and furnace doors. MARCO RUBBER & PLASTIC PRODUCTS INC., An injection molding machine is designed for small liquid silicone rubber (LSR) parts. The precise
  • Precision Casting: Membranes and Other Advanced Materials
    extrusion or melt casting is possible, solvent or wet casting is prevalent for creating membranes with either uniform pore size throughout the membrane or graduated pore size across the membrane where larger pore sizes act as pre-filters and reduce membrane plugging. The main pore creation methods
  • Medical Device Link . The Fundamentals of Selecting Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
    a polar attraction to the substrate, and always requires pressure to achieve sufficient wet-out onto the surface to provide adequate adhesion. PSAs VERSUS ALTERNATIVE ADHESIVE TYPES An excellent way of gaining an understanding of PSAs is to contrast them with some of the prominent alternative adhesive
  • Effects of Ohmic Metal on Electrochemical Etching of GaAs in pHEMT Manufacturing
    in the compound semiconductor industry. It is. believed that electrochemical etching, which has been studied. extensively by researchers, is responsible for the phenomenon. Solutions usually focus around the chemistries in the various. wet processing steps. In our recent experiments, we have found
  • Medical Device Link .
    results for conventional parylene and plasma-enhanced (PE) parylene films tested under dry conditions according to ASTM D3359-95a. The adhesion of standard parylene and plasma-enhanced parylene can best be described by evaluating test results in the wet and dry environments. Test articles with both films
  • MICRO:Product Technology News (Oct. '98, p.110)
    to ensure a fresh mix to +-1% accuracy, while the dispensing module uses pressurized wet N to deliver slurry to the tools without pulsation. A control module features a touch screen operator interface and single-point utility connections. The MTBF rate is >3000 hours. The SpectraLASER UTF
  • MICRO: Thermal Processing
    batch furnaces may generate particles that require a postcure wet-cleaning step to remove. In addition, the long process cycle and large batch size associated with batch furnaces adds queuing problems for small production lots. To address such challenges, a novel siloxane-based organic spin-on-glass
  • Beta Gauges
    Beta gauges consist of an extraction device, transport tubing, beta detector, and flow meter. They are used by non-destructive testing (NDT) services, and in applications such as the monitoring of particulates from wet stacks. The absorption of Beta particles can also be used to measure

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