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  • Measuring Machining Imperfections and Runout in Automobile Wheel Spindles
    unnecessary parts rejection and scrap. Application Notes: Non-contact Measurement Sensors, Solutions and Systems - MTI Instruments.   . Measuring Machining Imperfections and Runout in Automobile Wheel Spindles. Introduction. A cylindrical grinding process finishes most wheel spindle surfaces
  • Wheel Balancing System
    out. Balance measurement system comprises rotational velocity transducer, vibration transducer, oil pressure supporting device, bracket, spindle motor, spindle split device, measurement computer cards as well as associated measuring program. Wheel is fixed to bracket through pneumatic control feed
  • Aluminum Wheel Handling Manipulator
    A Midwest wheel manufacturer was handling 40 pound aluminum wheels by hand and palletizing them from a conveyor. A system was needed to alleviate the repetitive stress injuries occurring to their operators during this process while maintaining productivity/tact times. A high-speed, servo drive PLC
  • Tier 1 Automotive Supplier Standardizes on MTII's Capacitance Systems for In-Process Inspection of Shafts and Spindles
    be transferred through the bearing system creating unwanted noise, vibration and premature failure. Unfortunately, tool wear, improper feed rates and grinding wheel runout can lead to a poor surface finish. One commonly found defect in the grinding process is called chatter. It is a series of microscopic
  • Designing A Better Steering System
    Designers often simply assume that 90 angles between the front wheel spindles and the steering levers provide proper steering. Poor steering systems are designed on an assumption that a 90 angle between spindle and lever arm provides proper steering action. However, the design causes the front
  • Convenient Robot or Attractively Priced Spindle Gripper?
    Modern machining centers are used for machining of workpieces with maximum feed rates, minimum tool changing times and optimum cutting speeds. In comparison with these parameters, manual tool changing seems like a spare wheel on a Formula 1 racecar. It slows down the entire system.
  • Audi Moves Forward with Early Durability Predictions
    component loads prior to prototyping have generally focused on road testing a previous model vehicle, measuring loads at the wheel spindles and re-using these loads for the development of a new vehicle. The problem with this approach is that the loads are highly dependent on the vehicle’s mass, spring
  • Capacitance Sensor System: How a Small Electric Field Can Save You Big Money
    1 supplier of automotive parts producing spindle components for some of the world’s top automakers. Defective spindles can cause a number of problems for these automakers, especially in terms of wear and tear of connected parts like bearings, wheel hubs, steering arms, and tie rods. Depending

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  • Wheel directions of the road vehicles
    Auxiliary point on the axle H .
  • Chassis manual
    ...the center of the wheel supporting face in construction position and on the axle to describe assuming...
  • Chassis manual
    ...the center of the wheel supporting face in construction position and on the axle to describe assuming...
  • Racing car technique
    ...force r, T the offset distances distance of forces of forces to the axle center offset slip...
  • Vehicle gear
    ...of attack of the reaction force R about the eccentricity e lies in front of the axle .
  • Power transmission in vehicle gears
    ...force Freac about the distance e that is denoted as eccentricity lies in front of the axle .
  • Bevel gear wheels
    Distance of the considered point of contact on the engagement line of the screwing axle .
  • Gear train located together with the motor behind and, the gear train before the axle , the axis drive...