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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
34942 Global Industrial CGW Camel Grinding Wheels Inc. Not Provided Tool & Cutter Wheels, White Aluminum Oxide, Type 11, Cgw Abrasives 34942
34605 Global Industrial CGW Camel Grinding Wheels Inc. Not Provided White Aluminum Oxide Surface Grinding Wheels, Cgw Abrasives 34605
5006 Global Industrial Cyclone Mfg. Not Provided Cyclone 5006 240 Grit White Aluminum Oxide

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  • Aluminum Oxide
    such as white (high purity), brown or regular (titanium oxide modified), and pink (chromium oxide additions). Titanium oxide additions can toughen the abrasive and enable heat treating process, which changes brown aluminum oxide to a blue colored grain as titania precipitates form. Aluminum oxide abrasives
  • Advantages of Non-Electrolytic formed Aluminum Oxide Coating
    , it is difficult to avoid the use of fluorides in spite of their toxicity. If you must. use fluorides, keep the fluoride level low (generally not more than 200 ppm) as excessive amounts of fluorides. will leave a white deposit of insoluble aluminum fluoride on the metal's surface and will pit the metal
  • White Paper: Capacitors Age and Capacitors Have an End of Life
    and. Capacitors Have an End of Life. Executive Summary. This white paper discusses large DC aluminum electrolytic and AC polymeric film capacitors. for use in a UPS application: specifically field aging, failure modes, expected service life and. preventative maintenance. UPS systems use large capacitor
  • Don't Rule Out Plasma for Cutting Aluminum
    . Product Showcase. Glossary. Directory Registration. Subscriptions. E-Newsletters. Subscription Center. FAB 40. Media Center. Videos. Podcasts. Webcasts. White Papers. Login/Register. Plasma Cutting Article Order Reprint Print Friendly Published in... The Fabricator
  • Solving the Problems Inherent to Torch Brazing Aluminum (.pdf)
    , these fluxes do leave a. deposition. pletely solid, marks the point where dam-. white, gritty residue on the part. The. 2. Paste is a blend of alloy filler metal. age begins to occur in the base metals. The. residue is primarily a cosmetic issue, but. in powder form, flux, and a neutral sus-. lowest
  • Magnaplate's Steel-Hard Coating On Aluminum Dies Improves Quality And Productivity For Custom Extruder
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  • Oxalic Acid Anodizing
    , current density, coating thickness,. electrolyte concentration, and temperature. For example, a 25 micron coating tends to be. white gray on 7075-T6, brown on 6061-T6, and black on 2024-T3. Generally speaking,. the coating color becomes darker for higher current densities, thicker coatings, and higher
  • Sealing Smut and Prevention
    velvety layer that is irregular. in appearance. In severe cases, the smut may look like a white chalk mark. Smutting is. sometimes referred to as “chalking” in North America. Although smut on the surface. does not virtually affect the physical properties of the resultant anodic coatings, the smut

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