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    Wrought iron samples were taken from seventeenth century ship fittings, nails and bar stock and from a nineteenth century anchor. Grey cast iron samples came from a cannon, and white cast iron from cannonballs, all of seventeenth century origin.
  • Notes on the Design and Construction of Urban's Giant Bombard
    Fifteenth-century Europe saw the development of two broad families of particularly large ordnance: the wrought iron bombard of western Europe and the cast bronze bombard of eastern Europe. - The wrought iron bombards featured barrels of 'hoop and stave' construction, staves of flat bar stock arranged longitudinally into a cylindrical configuration over which white hot hoops would be driven to shrink fast into place against one another.
  • Color
    So, e.g., the quartz through impurities with ferrous ions that appears colorless in pure form can (SiO2) become amethyst a fact on the Johann Wolfgang of Goethe as First has pointed. Because the color of minerals varies so easily, use mineralogists instead of that mostly leaves the immediately recognizable color a mineral by the rubbing on a white porcelain platelet the bar color for characterization. Are how in almost all processes that carry for absorption and formation of light, are the electron transitions between at least two energy levels also in minerals involved, and the process can be seen as a type of the luminescence.
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  • The separation of tin of other metals, in particular the determination same through precipitation With Cupferron
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  • Super Creep-Resistant Alloys
    3) J. B. Henry, Jr., "Characteristics of Three" High Temperature Alloys," The Iron Age, Vol. 159 � 4) J. W. Freeman, E. E. Reynolds, D. N. Frey, and A.E. White , "Propertiesof19-9DL Bar Stock at 1200 F.," Technical Note No. 1758, Nat. � E. Reynolds, and A. E. White, "The Rupture-Test Characteristics of Six Precision- Cast and Three Wrought �