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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
AAT2430A   Skyworks Solutions, Inc. IC Interfaces The AAT2430A is a highly integrated, high efficiency white LED backlight solution for large size LCD panels used in LCD TVs. By controlling external power MOSFETs (such as the Skyworks' AAT2491 high-voltage TrenchDMOS array), the AAT2430A facilitates 16 current sink channels to provide precision...
AAT3114   Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Charge Pump Regulators The AAT3113/4 are low noise, constant frequency charge pump DC/DC converters that use fractional (1.5X) conversion to increase efficiency in white LED applications. The devices can be used to produce current levels up to 20mA for each output from a 2.7V to 5.5V input. Low external parts counts (two...
120315   Seesmart LED, Inc. Lamps Four high power LED arrays; no UV, instant on/off; compact sealed IP65 rated integrated housing, heat sink, and reflector; highly transmissive tempered woven glass cover; longer life than traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium bulb systems; wide 120-277VAC input voltage; constant current...
AAT3132   Skyworks Solutions, Inc. IC Switching Voltage Regulators The AAT3132 is a low noise, constant frequency charge pump DC/DC converter that uses fractional (1.5X) conversion to maximize efficiency for white LED applications. The device can be used to produce current levels up to 20mA in three of its outputs, and up to 25 or 30mA in one of its outputs...
MAX1579ETG+ Digi-Key Maxim Integrated Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC PS BIAS/WHITE LED TFT 24-TQFN
CWW1LED2   Cast Lighting LLC LED Lamps Description. This compact rugged solid bronze LED wall wash features a high-performing, warm-white illumination suitable for illuminating large surfaces. To convert this fixture to LED, purchase the CAST LED Module (CSWLED2). Solid bronze shroud, body and stake. Pre-wired with 25 tin-coated No-Ox...
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    such as a Cold Cathode Fluorescent (CCFL) or Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and a rectangular light guide, which is also referred to as light pipe. LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY MODULE. Backlight Technology Overview. This white paper was developed to provide an overview on backlight technologies. It is. intended
  • Make a White LED Torch Using a Buck Converter
    lighting applications. This application note will detail the method of making. White LED torch application using NCP1529. NCP1529 integrated circuit is a high frequency stand. alone DC to DC buck converter. Designed for portable. markets, it is able to supply voltages from 0.9 V to 3.3 V by. an external
  • Solar LED Lamp Application Using the CAT4139
    and its collector voltage disables the CAT4139. When ambient light is decreased and voltage on SOLAR+ pin. is below threshold given by base−emitter voltage of T1, the. CAT4139 driver is enabled and supplies constant current to. LED string (T1, R5, R1 circuit is used to invert voltage coming. from
  • Buck-Boost LED Driver Using the PIC16F785 MCU
    . • The on-chip op amp of the PIC16F785 is used to. module chosen for this application is the Lamina BL-. amplify the voltage across the current sensing. 4000 series White 5500K LED Light Engine. The mod-. resistor. This allows a much smaller sensing. ule was chosen for the power rating and accessories
  • Circuit Ideas: How to Parallel LED Current Drivers
    As white LEDs become more pervasive, there are ever-more options for driving them. Linear constantcurrent drivers, for instance, offer low EMI, low cost, and use only a few components. Many designers favor them for low-current applications where power loss is a minor concern. If power dissipation
  • Power Design Considerations For LED Applications
    . incandescent bulb and use less energy as well. max and for the blue is 10.8V max, therefore the electronic load. Figure 1 shows a schematic diagram to drive an LED bank to. for the red LED strings must dissipate (34.1-15.9)*0.77A = 14W. supply white backlight to an LCD monitor using Luxeon’s LXHL
  • Drive High Intensity White LEDs Efficiently Using the PIC16C781
    to design a high efficiency LED driver with minimum components using the PIC16C781. Drive High Intensity White LEDs Efficiently Using the PIC16C781 TB060. Drive High Intensity White LEDs Efficiently Using the PIC16C781. charge current level. Current in L1 falls approximately. Author: Ward Brown
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