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  • Stepping Motors Fundamentals
    experiences a torque and moves the rotor in line. 5. Excellent response to start-up, stopping and. with the energized coils, minimizing the flux path. The. reverse. motor moves clockwise when winding 1 is turned off. and winding 2 in energized. The rotor teeth marked Y. The following sections discuss
  • AC Induction Motor Fundamentals
    , the motor rotates in the direction of. a greater understanding of the design and the. the resultant torque. characteristics of these motors. Stator. This application note discusses the basics of an AC. induction motor; the different types, their characteris-. The stator is made up of several thin
  • Blue Grass Wind Farm Case Study (.pdf)
    and motor control. their land receive an annual lease payment. centers. The switchyard, which is where the Lectrus equipment center is located on. // PRODUCT //. the project, serves to step up the voltage to 161 kV. Our equipment. Equipment Center. center, which contained a fiber-optic interface cabinet
  • Wind Turbine Technology Turns on Bearings and Condition Monitoring
    in the wind power industry has grown considerably. It is now projected that 10% of the world's electricity will be generated by wind power within 20 years. For wind farms, though, maintenance challenges are enormous. Experience shows that up to 25% of the costs of energy produced by wind energy
  • Hard Automation Welding Options for Wind Power Industry
    and are recommended over manual and semiautomatic welding to improve quality and consistency while reducing operating costs. Features include: Easy set-up – Often units are installed and operating in one day. Easy operation – Most operators with welding experience quickly learn to program and operate. Simple
  • Shaft grounding for inverter driven motors
    and engineers is to minimize. bearing failure, and subsequent motor failure. damage to AC motors from shaft current. From its fi rst. minute of operation, a VFD induces destructive volt-. ages that build up on the motor shaft until they fi nd. ELECTRICAL DAMAGE TO BEARINGS. discharge paths to the frame (ground
  • Stepper Motor Control Using the PIC16F684
    stepping motor is rated at 1 amp, winding is powered while the current in the other wind- then modulating a 5V supply across the winding at 50% ing is gradually dropped to zero, reversed, and then will result in a current of 1/2 amp (assuming a low ramped up again. This sequence is then repeated
  • Waterproof Step Motors Make Waves in Industry
    slurry. This oxide slurry gets into the motor bearings, and being abrasive, the bearing wear accelerates. As the bearings wear, the centering of the rotor becomes less accurate, causing the rotor to wobble as it turns and eventually hit the stator. The combination of oxide build-up on the magnetic

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