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...leads the Bioproduct Chemistry and Engineering Research Unit at the ARS Western Regional Research Center. "In addition, the straw could give manufacturers a less expensive raw material for their products. " Orts, center, and Regale Corp. left, and Karl Gee remove the bottom part of a wine bottle carton... the medical field, that is not necessarily always the case. For example, a large amount of work involving biomarkers is found in the geological literature concerning compounds found in crude oil that are derived from once-living organisms. Nonetheless,. (Final Thoughts) Old wine in new bottles (IVDT...

International, Inc. Published by Plastic Decorating Magazine, January/February 2013 Edition (ISSN 1536-9870). Fluid bags can be used for consumer products, like wine and baby food. Fluid bags use ports, tubes and fitments to get fluids in and out of bags. These most often are attached using heat...

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  • Reverse Design for Wine Cushioning Package of Honeycomb Paper Core
    Based on the background of cushioning package design for the wine bottles , the analysis on the cushioning properties of honeycomb paper core is presented.
  • Influence of wine packaging on consumers' decision to purchase.
    The marketing of a wine 's pack , which consists of several interrelated cues ( bottle shape, colour, closure, and label design ), interfaces with the key factors relating to consumer experience, knowledge of wines, self-confidence and the occasion at hand to form buying...
  • Vertical Price Coordination and Brand Care
    As already outlined in the relationship between branded-article manufacturer and distributor, the packaging of a product may itself evoke price associations (cf. the sophisticated design of a bottle for sparkling wine ).
  • A toast to innovation.
    ...wines and spirits, including the use of fibre cans to replace folding cartons for blended whisky and cordials, non-seasonal gift packaging in folded cartons, new designs in bottles , the use of a plactics-jacketed bottle for wine , a spirits dispenser similar...
  • Of Material Interest: Turkey set to meet demand for natural stone
    Premium French wines packaged in plastic bottles The first 750 mL polyethylene terephthalate (PET) wine bottle commercially manufactured in North America was designed and is being produced by MPI Packaging Inc., Mississauga, Ontario (, using preforms supplied by Constar International...
  • The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology - B
    One-piece packaging to meet specific market needs, such as the carry-home pack for bottles of wine , shows considerable design ingenuity (1).
  • The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology 3rd Edition Complete Document
    One-piece packaging to meet specific market needs, such as the carry-home pack for bottles of wine , shows considerable design ingenuity (1).
  • Form and Function Drive Design for Bottle and Jar Packaging
    A clever single-serving bottle design for Vino Solo wines offers functional benefits for outward-bound drinkers and for concessionaires at venues where glass packaging is discouraged, such as ball parks.
  • Design of wine packaging container based on the reverse engineering
    Improving design on wine packaging container on the basis ofreference for bottle design of foreign wines, high-grade perfume and other things shape by using of reverse engineering and computer technique, industrial design methods and principles.
  • 2012 Packaging standouts from around the globe.
    Packaging innovations in 2012 are discussed, including: vodka bottle designs ; edible packaging materials; apps providing consumer information from wine bottle photographs; non-stick dispensers for viscous materials, such as tomato ketchup; and addition of spouts to flexible pouches.
  • Design by customer: concept and applications
    Customers, for example, are now able to have personalized label on a wine bottle or on a cereal package based on their design for emotional value purpose.
  • Pulling the cork on wine - could save millions.
    Advantages of standardization of bottle designs , in order to allow more widespread use of metal closures, are discussed, as are other packaging suggestions for keeping the costs of bottled wine down (e.g. use of paperboard gable-top cartons).
  • Thinking outside the box.
    This article discusses developments in beverage packaging , with reference to: cartons incorporating ring-pull closures; PET bottles designed to look like glass containers; and flexible pouches for packaging wine .
  • Having a hold on Trollinger. Compact container handling.
    The compact system (70 m2) system is designed for small and medium sized companies and incorporates 3 robotic agents which are able to undertake a variety of functions such as packing newly filled wine bottles into cartons, unloading of returned bottles and...
  • Experience design in the City Creating Industry growth opportunities and challenges for Design Industry
    When customer hold a bottle of wine , first he should watch beautiful wine package , next feels its form very well by hand, after that opens cork to hear music sound designed , later on smells and drinks nice wine sweet-smelling, finally he...

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