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  • Wire Wrapping Tools-Image
    Wire Wrapping Tools - (38 companies)
    Wire wrapping tools are used to install and remove wire wrap connections. Wire wrapping attaches a connecting wire to a terminal by tightly coiling the wire around the terminal 's corners. Wire Wrapping Tools Information. Wire wrapping tools... Learn More
  • Electrical and Electronic Resins-Image
    Electrical and Electronic Resins - (499 companies)
    Electrical and electronic resins includes adhesives, greases, pads, stock shapes, tapes, encapsulants, potting compounds, thermal interface materials, and electrically conductive substances used in electrical, electronics, and semiconductor applications. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Wire to Wire Connectors-Image
    Wire to Wire Connectors - (75 companies)
    Wire to Wire Connectors Information. Wire-to-wire connectors are used to connect two wire-terminated connectors. They are used as electrical connectors, electronic connectors, and computer connectors. General specifications for a wire-to-wire... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • SMT Manufacturing Equipment-Image
    SMT Manufacturing Equipment - (156 companies) enables PCB manufacturers to place more features on smaller boards without having to secure components with through-hole wire leads. SMT manufacturing equipment uses soldering and adhesive equipment to secure components directly to the surface... Learn More
  • Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Materials-Image
    Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Materials - (557 companies)
    ...lapping, and honing operations. They are also used in stamping, forging, drawing, coining, rolling, piercing, cold heading, and wire/bar/rod drawing operations. Metal protecting fluids are used primarily for fingerprint displacing and indoor/outdoor... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Wire to Board Connectors - (98 companies)
    Description. Wire-to-board connectors are used to interconnect printed circuit boards (PCBs) by using connectors attached to wires. Specifications. Specifications for a wire to board connector include the following. Wire-entry angle... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Magnet Wire - (45 companies)
    Magnet wire is used to create coils that, when energized, produce an electromagnetic field. Typically, these insulated electrical conductors are made of copper or aluminum. Magnet wire is available in large and small sizes, and may have a square... Learn More
  • Wire Terminals - (284 companies)
    Wire terminals are passive conductors used to facilitate a connection that is not soldered. They are two-piece assemblies that consist of a receptor (female) and blade (male) which help to provide repeated connection and disconnection... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Litz Wire - (40 companies)
    Litz wires are constructed of individually insulated magnet wires that are either twisted or braided into a uniform pattern to minimize power loss. How to Select Litz Wire. Image credit: PACK; Zureks; New England Wire Technologies Company. Litz wire... Search by Specification | Learn More

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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ESEC 3006 WIRE BONDER National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
172812F PLC Radwell Orthodyne Electronics PLCs/Machine Control, PLC Module & Rack MODULE MOTOR DRIVE BOARD WIRE BONDER
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Wire Bonder Head. Nuclecel. N. P-2021. 2 or CDA Line. Nuclecel. P-2042. Feed Line. Figure 1. In Use 7 – 7/04...

Orthodyne's Model 360C automatic wire bonder without a leadframe feeder has a 24 x 43-in. footprint. Vertical and horizontal actuators in tandem elevate full magazines to working height, push them through the work area, and out the front. Redesigning an ultrasonic wire-bonding machine with a ready...

A welding process for catheters begins when an operator lays a wire on the platform and slides the wire into tooling that holds it in place during welding. The operator presses a foot pedal to pneumatically clamp the tooling onto the wire. Once the tooling is clamped, the operator presses dual palm... such as a gold ball wire bonder or a flip-chip system that is capable of attaching bare die. It is essential to qualify any processes used for temperature and vibration variations. Employing these bare die–attachment techniques allows for up to 20 times the amount of circuitry to be placed... micro-. lithography systems. able performance in wire and ball bonders,. microlithography and micropositioning. systems. Of course there are many other. applications in industries beyond these. The reason is evident: reliability, long service. life and clean, quiet operation. State-of-the-art facility...

...proper weld alignment, x-y-z torch slides can adjust the position of the plasma welding torch. Furthermore, wire or tube that sticks out from the tooling can be set with micrometer adjustment; tooling is also available to accommodate different tube and wire sizes. Process Welding Systems Inc...

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