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  • An Improved Wire Grid Polarizer For Thermal Infrared Applications
    and have a contrast ratio better than 40 dB. Transmission and reflectance measurements were made using a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer with instrument accuracy verified using silicon and germanium reference standards. Results were compared to RCWA modeling of the wire grid. polarizer (WGP
  • Infrared Wire Grid Polarizers -Metrology and Modeling
    Broad and narrow-band wire grid polarizer (WGP) products suitable for MWIR and LWIR applications requiring high contrast were developed on antireflection (AR) coated silicon using Moxtek nanowire patterning capabilities. Accurate metrology was gathered in both transmission and reflection from
  • Twisted Nematic Reflective Display with Internal Wire Grid Polarizer
    We studied the optical performance of reflective wire grid. polarizer designed for visible light. The polarizer reflects Epolarization. and transmits H-polarization with low losses. When. used in a twisted nematic (TN) device as a back polarizer it. enhances the brightness and provides high
  • High-Resolution Stereoscopic TFT-LCD with Wire-Grid Polarizer
    We developed a 5.5 inch, VGA (640×480×RGB), stereoscopic. 3D display using a precisely patterned wire grid polarizer (WGP). with rows of alternating polarization angle. Such a wire grid. polarizer is invisible without the polarizer and thus a 2D/3D. convertible display can be formed. The proposed
  • Society for Information Display: The Display Applications and Physics of the ProFlux Wire Grid Polarizer
    described here enables new solutions to difficult and fundamental problems in the display industry. It is applicable and valuable in all types of Liquid-Crystal (LC) displays or other applications of polarization in information display technology. Wire-grid polarizers have been known in theory
  • An Improved Polarizing Beamsplitter LCOS Projection Display Based on Wire-Grid Polarizers
    MOXTEK has developed a new polarizer technology for the visible spectrum based on the technology of nanometer-scale wire-grids. They have named their technology ProFlux(tm). Polarizers. These polarizers are extremely durable in the LCOS and transmissive light valve projector environment. They also
  • The Display Applications and Physics of the ProFlux (R) Wire-Grid Polarizer
    Each year the Society awards the Display of the Year Award to. several leading edge display devices or technologies that provide. innovative solutions to an information display need. The. following paper provides a summary of a 2001 Display of the. Year award recipient. The new polarization
  • Nanowire Grid Polarizers for Mid- and Long-Wavelength Infrared Applications
    High contrast wire grid polarizers on silicon suitable for mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) and long-wavelength infrared (LWIR) applications have been developed using wafer-scale aluminum nanowire patterning capabilities. The 144 nm. pitch MWIR polarizer typically transmits better than 95%

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