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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
3285-4 Global Industrial Insize Usa Not Provided Insize Wire Micrometer, 3285-4, 0-.4" Range
52601-S10-4LF Allied Electronics, Inc. FCI Not Provided Headers & Wire Housings 10P VT HDR 3.05 TAIL .38 MICROMETER AU, Lead Free

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  • Structure-Property Relationships in Conventional and Nanocrystalline NiTi Intermetallic Alloy Wire (.pdf)
    few have examined detailed structure-function. 1. Introduction. relationships in fine (less than 250 lm diameter) Nitinol wire. over a range of grain sizes from nanometers to micrometers. The. goal of this study was to begin to quantify the grain size effect at. Nitinol medical devices are designed
  • Ball Slide Positioner Reduces Setup Time on Centerless Grinders for Medical Guidewires from 10 Minutes to 15 Seconds
    their entire profile of anywhere from 12 " to 36 ". Royal Master centerless grinders employ a patented technique to track the end of the guidewire so the regulating wheel moves precisely at a preprogrammed position. This will generate various shaped and tapers into the wire. Micrometer-driven ball
  • How to Measure Thickness of a Retaining Ring
    be rotated with thumb and index finger. Holding component comfortably and in a position that the read out of the micrometer can be seen, measure the component. See figure 1. American Ring and Tool - Specializing in snap rings, wire retaining rings, retaining rings, circlips, Eaton style, Belleville Disc
  • Optical Comparators in Medical Device Manufacturing
    New England Precision Grinding (NEPG) of Holliston, MA produces micro-ground wire from 304 stainless steel and super-elastic nitinol to meet the precise demands of medical devices. Established in 1987, NEPG has developed a proprietary centerless grinding process for ever-smaller devices to meet
    The ETCO Guide to Quality Crimps Poster explains the relationship between a wire, connector and tooling to assure the production of high quality "F" and "B" crimps. Fully illustrated and published in English, Spanish and Chinese, this poster shows steps in the crimping process that can create
  • Medical Device Link .
    for cauterizing. Copper wires have been used as conductors in the past. However, as the diameter of the copper wire decreases, so does its physical strength, making it no longer usable. Stainless steel is now being used as a material for conducting, but it has more resistance than copper. This problem can
  • A Comparison of the Measured Magnetic Field Strength Using Ampere-Turns (AT) and milliTesla (mT) (.pdf)
    with a given geometry, wire size and number of turns. It is easy to conventionalize this approach as long as other users, internal or external, find no problem using ampere turns (AT) as their unit of measure. ./7b69f284-ba58-432d-b8d1-b2b71f84e90f MEDER electronic. AT vs. mT. A Comparison
  • Medical Device Link .
    England Electric Wire controls pulling speed with programmable logic controllers and feedback loops. The company also relies on laser micrometers to accurately measure tube diameters to five decimal places. Customers have asked Advanced Polymers to hold tubing tolerances as tight as +-0.00025

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