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Parts by Number for Wire Tie Wrap Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
100 PLC Radwell Scotch Panel Accessories, Cable/Wire Wrap CABLE AND WIRE TIE WRAP 1/2INCH X 54FEET
EMSADO PLC Radwell Epoxy Technology Panel Accessories, Cable/Wire Wrap WIRE MOUNT TIE WRAP WITHOUT ADHESIVE
PLT3IC PLC Radwell Panduit Panel Accessories, Cable/Wire Wrap WIRE TIE NYLON PACK OF 100
IT9115C0 PLC Radwell Panduit Panel Accessories, Cable/Wire Wrap CABLE TIE
L11509C PLC Radwell T&b Panel Accessories, Cable/Wire Wrap CABLE TIE 11INCH
L11509C PLC Radwell Thomas & Betts Panel Accessories, Cable/Wire Wrap CABLE TIE 11INCH
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  • Wire Abrasion Protection
    When wires and cable harnesses exit from sheet metal architecture, they are often routed over. and through sheet metal panel edges. Over time, there is potential for abrasion and failure as the. wire insulation comes into contact with the sharp metal edges and begins to chafe. Device Technologies
  • Medical Device Link .
    options include clamp on, adhesive, post mount, and tie wrap. Eclipse Shielding, 21121 Ponderosa, Mission Viejo, CA 92692. RFI suppressors Cable-snap bisected ferrite suppressors are available in 48 sizes and styles for round wires or bundles up to 1 in. diam. An internal spring-pressure system
  • Alloy With 'Memory' Helps Bones Heal Faster And More Reliably
    certain fractures is to tie wire around the affected bone in order to pull the fractured pieces together. The problem is that stainless steel - the most common metal used in these wires - tends to loosen over time as the metal slowly migrates through the bone. This reduces the amount of pressure
  • Medical Device Link .
    the shape of the contact sleeve is formed by wires strung at an angle to the socket 's axis. When the pin is inserted into this sleeve, the wires stretch around it, providing a number of linear contact paths and 360 of wrap. "Using this technology, the connector is impervious to shock and vibration
  • Accessorize Your Cable Carrier
    specifically designed for its lines of cable carriers and continuous-flex cables: Chainfix clamps. Chainfix clamps provide strain relief in Energy Chain® cable carriers using clamps and pressure elements. They can be used with igus® KMA brackets. Learn more. Tie-wrap clamps. When using tie-wrap clamps
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    of embedded networking experience at Micro/sys have brought us to do: •. Use a subset of the world-wide standard TCP/IP protocol suite for open architecture and support. •. Use a subset of the popular Winsock API functions so that programmers have support. •. Assume that shrink-wrap software is probably