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DM163027-5 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided integrated peripherals. Microchip MRF24J40 RF transceiver and antenna interface via daughter card for flexibility. ZENA ™ wireless network analyzer tool including software protocol stack configuration (DM183023). ICSP ™ and MPLAB ICD 2 interface connector. RS-232 interface. 9V DC to 3.3V...
M1003GXT00B Digi-Key Maestro Wireless Solutions RF/IF and RFID MODULE M2M GPRS RS-232
CL4490-1000-232-SP Digi-Key Laird - Embedded Wireless Solutions RF/IF and RFID TXRX 900MHZ RS232 1W W/ANT'S DB9
CL4790-1000-232 Digi-Key Laird - Embedded Wireless Solutions RF/IF and RFID TXRX 900MHZ RS232 1W W/ANT DB9
CN4490-1000-232-SP Digi-Key Laird - Embedded Wireless Solutions RF/IF and RFID TXRX ETH-RS232 900MHZ 1W ANT&PS
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  • Wireless Devices for Temperature Monitoring (.pdf)
    and retrofits. Figure 3 – WRS232-USB RS232 to USB Wireless. Transceiver Set from Omega Engineering, Inc. When making measurements in liquids or corrosive. environments, the thermocouple or RTD sensing device. often needs to be protected. In such cases, a probe,. which encloses the sensing device
  • Medical Device Link .
    frequency (RF), which can cause interference. An IR wireless interface offers the medical equipment designer a versatile and economic wireless transceiver. The IR transceiver consists of an IR light emitting diode (LED); a p-type, intrinsic, n-type (PIN) diode; and an amplifier application specific
  • IrDA Standard Stack for Microchip 16-Bit MCUs
    . Infrared communication is a low-cost method of. transmitter. The infrared transceiver transmits pulses in. providing wireless, point-to-point communication. a cone with a half-angle between 15 and 30 degrees. between two devices. The Infrared Data Association,. (Figure 1). The pulses must be visible from
  • Tactical RF Photonic Communications: Increased Separation Distances Between Personnel and Deployed Antenna Assets (.pdf)
    in critical core. • Size, Weight and Power Burden. Metropolitan Wireless Access and Tetra. technologies and professional staff. • Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency. Communications. supports our ability to recognize essential. Interference Influences. customer requirements and to provide the. • High
  • High Speed Fiber Optic Infrared Transmitter (.pdf)
    PC interface, which adds data. logging capability and some other useful features. As an option, a wireless transceiver like Omega’s. WRS232-USB can be used to eliminate cabling between the OS4000 and a possibly distant PC, and make. the data communication wireless. For Sales and Service, Call TOLL
  • Optical Fiber Waveguides Augment C4ISR Networks
    diversity path networks and point-tomultipoint distribution architectures. OFW® technology is utilized in a breadth of applications within c4isr systems. Other examples include: Tactical Fiber Optic Antenna Links for UhF / VhF radios. In-building Wireless distributed antenna systems (Pcs, LTe, Lmr). GPS

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