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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MRF89XA Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided integrated ultra low-power, sub-GHz transceiver. Wide band - Half-duplex transceiver. Supports proprietary sub-GHz wireless protocols. Simple, 4-wire SPI-compatible interface. CMOS/TTL-compatible I/Os. On-chip oscillator circuit. Dedicated clock output. Supports power-saving modes. Operating voltage...
Si1034 Silicon Labs Silicon Labs Not Provided Wireless MCU; pairs the ultra-low-power C8051F96x MCU core with the Si443x EZRadioPRO transceiver into a single-chip solution; high receive sensitivity, low power consumption in both receive and transmit modes, high data rates, antenna diversity and frequency hopping capability
Si1013 Silicon Labs Silicon Labs Not Provided Wireless MCU; lowest power single-chip microcontroller with integrated sub-GHz RF transceiver; 25 MHz, single-cycle 8051 compatible CPU; max output power +20 dBm
Si1021-A-GM Silicon Labs Silicon Labs 8051 Microcontroller 8-bit Wireless MCU with 240 –960 MHz EZRadioPRO transceiver, 64kB flash memory, 8kB RAM, +20dBm, LCD, on-chip DC-DC buck converter, QFN85

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  • Wireless Digital Full-Duplex Voice Transceiver
    Wireless voice applications require a microcontroller to quickly compress and decompress audio, efficiently control an RF transceiver, and accurately sample and output an audio stream. With its small, 4x4 mm size and high level of integration combining an on-chip ADC, DAC, and a 25 MIPS peak CPU
  • Application Note for Using Anaren 0404 BD2425NnRF Balun in Conjunction with Nordic Semiconductors nRF24L01 and nRF24L01+ Transceivers (.pdf)
    these objectives clearly as we present a small. and simple balun solution optimized for use with Nordic Semiconductors’ nRF24L01 and. nRF24L01+ chip. The nRF24L01 is a true single-chip 2.4 GHz Proprietary Ultra Low Power. compliant RF transceiver chip, designed for low-power wireless applications
  • Wireless Communication Circuits and Systems
    Wireless Communication Circuits and Systems. This new book examines integrated circuits, systems and transceivers for wireless and mobile communications. It covers recent developments in key RF, IF, analogue, mixed-signal components and single-chip transceivers in CMOS technology systematically
  • Embedded Wireless Made Easy
    , with a gain exceeding 3 dBi. The main components that make up self-contained wireless Ethernet modules include a single-chip CPU, static RAM and flash memory, a transceiver chip, and another chip that executes the 802.11b MAC protocol. In the case of WiPort modules, the controller is a 186-style device
  • Circuit Ideas: Setting Up a Low-Power Transceiver
    in receive mode. Current consumption in transmit mode depends on output power but is less than 30 mA at 10 dBm. Typical applications include home automation, wireless security systems, meter reading, and toys. The CC1000 is generally intended for use over short ranges. It operates at 315, 433, 868
  • SOI CMOS Technology for RF System-on-Chip Applications (.pdf)
    and Medical (ISM) band. GHz compared with 0.1 dB/mm on standard. transceivers with a direct microcontroller in-. substrates.6 In addition, improved passive de-. terface have been fabricated.13 The recent an-. vice performance (resistor, capacitor and in-. nouncement of a single chip, 5 GHz wireless. ductor
  • The Net Benefits of Single-Chip Integration for ZigBee SoC Solutions
    sense - a ZigBee system-on-chip (SoC) device that combines a 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver and a processing core into a single-chip solution or discrete approaches involving separate transceivers and host processors?
  • Medical Device Link .
    of medication, guard against patient misidentification, and track equipment. Home healthcare applications also represent a potentially large consumer market for devices using integrated sensor-transceivers. References 1. A Rofougaran et al, "A Single-Chip 900-MHz Spread-Spectrum Wireless Transceiver in 1
  • Medical Device Link .
    First Wireless Chip Designed for In-Body Communication Systems Debuts ) has introduced the world 's first transceiver chip designed exclusively for wireless communication systems that link implanted medical devices and base stations. The ZL70100 ultra-low-power transceiver chip fully meets the MICS
  • Medical Device Link .
    wireless transceiver and an HCS08 microcontroller core. Sensor Technology. Sensors are the contact points for monitoring a patient 's condition. Both pressure sensors and acceleration sensors can be employed in a broad range of health care monitoring applications. In the chip set example in Figure 1