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Parts by Number for Wiring Harness Connector Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
BXC10605 PLC Radwell Jkl Cable and Wire, Electrical Cable & Wire CABLE CONNECTOR HARNESS INPUT
PR04-SPCB Allied Electronics, Inc. CUSTOM CONNECTOR Not Provided Socket, Relay; Automotive Relay; 4 Pin Automotive Connector For Wire Harnessing

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  • Factors in the Selection of MIL-STD-1553 Couplers, Connectors and Harnesses
    that assembling a harness from individual. connectors. Used on oH-58. coupler with multi-pin. couplers with splices as opposed to having it manufactured. connector. Used on B-52. without splices has the same problems but to a somewhat lesser. degree. The splices, although made under better conditions
  • I Need a Wire Harness Assembly
    Sometimes the last thing considered in a complex system is the wiring harness. However, as with many sub-assemblies that make up a system, wiring harnesses have many variables that may affect the quote and the quoting process if these variables are not clearly defined early in the quote process
  • Integrated Electronic Connector Gasket Significantly Cuts Cost, Assembly Time
    from Dana integrates wiring harness, power connectors and DuPont TM Zytel (R) and Vamac (R) polymers in a primerless bond, reducing assembly time by 30 percent to 40 percent and component cost by 25 percent to -40 percent compared with conventional gaskets and separate wiring harnesses. Integrated
  • Developing a New Synthetic Grease to Reduce Instertion Force for Separable Connectors (.pdf)
    , connector manufacturers face an additional challenge: the ergonomics of. separable connector design. The force required to mate separable connectors is of. particular concern. NIOSH warns that employees who perform repetitive wiring tasks on. assembly lines may be at risk of developing carpal tunnel
  • Harness Board Fixturing Using Easy-Wire Components
    . Harder to create, duplicate, and maintain. Back-wiring required. Cost of fixturing discourages testing for low-volume harnesses. Few reusable parts. Near Board Components. For high- and low-mix manufacturing allowing easy maintenance and sharing of test connectors and their removal before board
  • Connectors stand up to corrosion
    Vacuum impregnation locks out elements that lead to corroded connections. The vacuum-impregnation process starts with placing the electronic connectors, assemblies, or entire wiring harnesses in a wire basket that lowers into a resin chamber. The chamber is then evacuated. This forces air trapped
  • Verifying Cable Tester Programs
    In order to assure valid testing on your harness or cable tester you MUST verify that it is programmed correctly BEFORE you begin testing cables. The most effective workflow for testing cables and harnesses on your Cirris tester is by following the 3-step Process listed below: (left). Verify Cable
  • Intelligent Thermal Management Using Brushless DC Fans
    it protects, a fan monitor circuit must be. addition, wiring harness and connector complexity. included to provide the earliest possible warning of a. increases, which not only decreases reliability, but also. fan malfunction. This monitoring circuitry should also. eliminates system retrofit capability. Smart
  • Medical Device Link .
    systems are emerging all the time. Examples include: New probes, sensors, and detectors, together with all their associated wiring, cables, and connectors, have become an integral part of these medical systems. Until the last three years, cable harnesses, with connectors, were one of the larger
  • Customized parts streamline production
    technical expertise that their customers can tap. For example, our company helped one of our distributors, (PE) of Hartland, Wis., review one of its manufacturing processes. Prior to the review, PE used standard 24-V, double-valve connectors for wiring harnesses on a customer's mobile hydraulic

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