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  • Description: CEC Industries is a global manufacturer providing international standard light bulbs and associated electronic components for a wide variety of applications. We are a leading international supplier offering a complete product portfolio of lighting solutions in miniature, halogen, fluorescent, LED

  • Description: Captor manufacturers a wide range of custom wire harnesses for a variety of customers. Our extensive experience in manufacturing and testing techniques ensures that our customer's expectations are always satisfied. Wire Harness Applications Include: Custom Spec Cables and Harnesses Connector

    • Industry Served: Aerospace / Military, Automotive, Commercial, Computer / Networking, Consumer Electronics / Appliances, Industrial Automation, Medical, Telecommunications
    • Capabilities: Design Assistance, Total Manufacturing, Testing and Evaluation, CAD Documentation / Drawings, Prototyping, Just-In-Time Capability
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Midwest US Only

  • Description: Manufacturer Assembly and precision hand or machine soldering of printed wiring boards Complete panel and chassis wiring Cable harness fabrication Mechanical assembly Computer-based manufacturing control system Quality assurance system: Certified to ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003

    • Industry Served: Aerospace / Military, Medical
    • Capabilities: Design Assistance, Total Manufacturing, Testing and Evaluation, Prototyping
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Midwest US Only

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  • Research: Assembly alternatives for wiring harnesses in vehicle dashboards.
    Today the most popular accessories in a new car are the electronic devices. However it is these vehicle instruments which drive up the cost and weight of a vehicle. Weight, because the conventional wiring harnesses have increased so much in volume and costs because automatic alignment and assembly
  • I Need a Wire Harness Assembly
    Sometimes the last thing considered in a complex system is the wiring harness. However, as with many sub-assemblies that make up a system, wiring harnesses have many variables that may affect the quote and the quoting process if these variables are not clearly defined early in the quote process
  • Integrated Electronic Connector Gasket Significantly Cuts Cost, Assembly Time
    from Dana integrates wiring harness, power connectors and DuPont TM Zytel (R) and Vamac (R) polymers in a primerless bond, reducing assembly time by 30 percent to 40 percent and component cost by 25 percent to -40 percent compared with conventional gaskets and separate wiring harnesses. Integrated
  • Automobile Harness Protection (.pdf)
    In order to reduce warranty repair costs and improve user satisfaction, vehicle manufacturers must find increasingly efficient solutions to help protect many power functions against damage from high-current fault conditions. At the same time, the wiring harness architecture of automobiles has
  • Ground Fault Protection (.pdf)
    The wear and tear of wiring harnesses can create a safety issue in commercial aircraft, particularly in the aging ones.However, an approved and proven technology exists that can detect and isolate the electrical faults, which can otherwise escape the harness and create hazardous situations
  • Dynamic Wire: Crimp Force Monitoring
    diagnostic checks. With all of the latest sophisticated automotive electronics, the quality of onboard wiring and connections has become a critical part of the wire harness assembly operation. Prefabricated wiring harnesses are necessary to simplify the interconnection of all the electrical systems
  • The Benefits of Using a Decentralized Architecture Combined With PolySwitch PPTC Devices for Automotive Harness Protection (.pdf)
    , many continue to use traditional-and ultimately heavier - fusing techniques. This paper presents the significant benefits of employing a decentralized architecture and Tyco Electronics' PolySwitch devices to help protect automotive wiring harnesses, as compared to using a traditional centralized
  • Arc Fault Detection Schemes for an Automotive 42 V Wire Harness (.pdf)
    From: Electrical Wiring Harnesses and Electronics and Systems Reliability. (SP-1927). 2005 SAE World Congress. Detroit, Michigan. April 11-14, 2005. 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 15096-0001 U.S.A. Tel: (724) 776-4841 Fax: (724) 776-5760 Web: The Engineering Meetings Board has