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Parts by Number for Wlan Chip Antenna Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
W3006 Digi-Key Pulse Electronics Corporation RF/IF and RFID ANTENNA WLAN DUALBAND CERAM CHIP
2600AT44A0600E Digi-Key Johanson Technology Inc RF/IF and RFID ANTENNA CHIP 2.6GHZ WIMAX WLAN
ACA-102-T Digi-Key Abracon Corporation RF/IF and RFID CHIP ANTENNA WLAN / BLUETOOTH

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  • Ultra-Miniature High Linearity SPDT Switch for WLAN Applications
    In the past few years, wireless local area networks (WLANs) have been blooming around the world as the. infrastructure of office and home communication. The increasing demand has motivated the introduction of advanced. WLAN standards such as IEEE802.11n to meet various application requirements
  • VCO Design for WLAN Applications in the 2.4-2.5 GHz ISM Band
    for WLAN usage. Table 11. across the ISM band. displays frequency allocations in different parts of the world for. In the typical DSSS interface architecture, shown in Figure 1, the. WLAN. In the US, IEEE 802.11 specifies two RF physical layer. RF signal passes through an antenna diversity switch
  • Fully Integrated Switch-LNA Front-End IC Design in CMOS: A Systematic Approach for WLAN
    of the switch is turned on. This allows the signal to be switched and propagated through to. using two separate devices, this work presents a fully integrated. the antenna (ANT). In view of this architecture, one of the most. single-chip RF front-end solution for WLAN chipsets with. critical
  • Anaren AIR Module Users Manual: A2500R24x (.pdf)
    This is a users manual to assist engineers in the use of Anaren's A2500R24A and A2500R24C surface mount "AIR" modules, which incorporate TI CC2500 low-power RF chip technology and include an integrated crystal, internal voltage regulator, matching circuitry and filtering. The A2500R24A has
  • A 5 GHz 0.95 dB NF Highly Linear Cascode Floating-Body LNA in 180 nm Floating-Body LNA in 180 nm
    circuits (RFICs),. decrease substrate noise injection by providing isolation from. system-on-chip (SoC) CMOS, WLAN. the substrate. Due to the low-loss dielectric substrate, SOI. inductors have higher self-resonant frequency and quality. I. INTRODUCTION. factor than those fabricated on bulk silicon
  • Embedded Wireless Made Easy
    , or other kinds of products. One reason: The modules are already FCC certified for use with 3 dBi antennas such as the one connected to this module. Products incorporating such modules would only need recertification if they used specialpurpose antennas, such as those that are highly directional
  • AIR (A2530E24x) User's Manual for ZigBee applications
    . Page 5 of 30. Release Date 11/01/12. 1. Overview. The A2530E24A and A2530E24C are surface mount modules integrating Texas Instruments’. (TI) CC2530 system-on-chip (SoC) transceiver with the CC2591 PA/LNA device for increased. range. The A2530E24A has an integral antenna, whereas the A2530E24C utilizes

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