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  • Description: Valspar's GRAINTONE Plus™ NGR Dye Concentrates are concentrated dye colorants used to tint compatible solvent based stain bases, sealers and topcoats. These dye colorants allow the user to create stains and specialty coatings with superior transparency, clarity and depth of color

    • Form: Liquid / Paste Dispersion
    • Application: Wood

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  • Description: STAIN (WOOD, SOLVENT - DYE TYPE)

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  • Description: A general purpose medium-duty silicone lubricant supplied in a large 500ml aerosol can Inhibits adhesion of inks, dyes and adhesives. Exhibits excellent slip properties on blades, tables, chutes and conveyors. Safe on wood, glass, fabrics, metals, rubbers and most plastics. Eliminates friction

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  • Description: Cambridge Polymer Group can aid in many areas of process development, from initial R&D and formulation, through regulatory testing, product support and marketing and failure analysis. If your product is not meeting requirements, we can help you reformulate to match specific properties and determine

    • Services Offered: Inspection & Analytical Testing, Process Development Services, Process Optimization, Research and Development, Technology & Licensing, Training / Consulting, Specialty / Other
    • Form: Liquids, Powders, Nanomaterials, Bulk Solids / Granules
    • Chemicals / Chemical Products: Alcohols, Chemical Agents / Additives, Cleaners / Surface Active Agents, Cosmetics / Soaps, Filler / Extenders, Foods / Beverages, Inorganic Chemicals, Lubricants / Greases, Monomers & Intermediates, Oils & Fuels, Organic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals / Drugs, Pigments / Dyes, Polymers
    • Materials / Material Products: Abrasives, Adhesives / Sealants, Coatings / Paint, Elastomers / Rubber, Plastics, Pulp & Paper, Semiconductor Materials, Textiles, Wood Products

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  • Description: Blending, Coating, and Batching Custom Processing Services offers several blending options for its toll processing customers. 100 L double stainless steel double ribbon blender 600 L stainless steel double ribbon blender 2850 L carbon steel double ribbon blender 6500 L stainless steel double

    • Services Offered: Blending / Mixing, Compounding, Process Optimization, Research and Development, Trial Facility Leasing, Warehousing / Distribution, Specialty / Other
    • Run / Batch Size: Laboratory / Benchtop Scale, Pilot Scale, Production Lots / Field Scale, Other
    • Form: Bulk Solids / Granules, Liquids, Powders, Other
    • Chemicals / Chemical Products: Acetylenes, Alcohols, Catalysts / Initiators, Chemical Agents / Additives, Cleaners / Surface Active Agents, Cosmetics / Soaps, Filler / Extenders, Inorganic Chemicals, Lubricants / Greases, Monomers and Intermediates, Organic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals / Drugs, Pigments / Dyes, Polymers

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  • Description: Diverse ready-mixed color offerings can be interblended (wiping stains) Unlimited color options available through custom tinting HAPs-Compliant Ultra-low VOC formulations available Fully compatible with Valspar Wood Finishes sealers and topcoat systems Good for all wood species DYE

    • Chemistry: Glaze / Glass Enamel
    • Substrate / Surface: Wood
    • Technology: Film Drying / Air Setting
    • Form: Liquid

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  • Description: . The special matte coating supports detail, rich blacks, and exceptional color reproduction. The base paper is a combination of 25% cotton linters and 75% alpha cellulose (high-grade, acid-free/lignin-free wood pulp). LexJet Cotton Etching Paper 285g can be used on many pigment and dye ink printers

    • Basis Weight: 285 gsm
    • Thickness: 0.0170 inch
    • Width: 44 inch
    • Length: 600 inch

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  • Description: fittings. Odourless, colourless Non-toxic, safe for use with potable water systems Inhibits adhesion of adhesives inks and dyes Exhibits excellent slip properties on blades, tables, chutes and conveyors Safe on wood, glass, fabrics, metal, most plastics, rubbers and most hard surfaces Eliminates

    • Chemistry / Constituents: Silicone, Synthetic / Semi-synthetic
    • Operating / Use Temperature: -58 to 392 F
    • Features: Aerosol / Spray

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  • Description: and dispense database included. Applications Paint manufacturing or tinting. Ink manufacturing or tinting. Textile dyes manufacturing or tinting. Adhesive manufacturing. Wood stains and varnishes. Beverage blending or composition. Chemical blending and custom formulation. Liquid vitamins and food

    • Type: Meter, Mix and Dispense
    • Dispense Rate: 180 GPH
    • Media Viscosity: 0.0 to 7000 cps
    • Container Size: 11356 to 22712 cc

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  • Supplier: Titebond

    Description: Titebond II Fluorescent can help any woodworker achieve professional-looking results. It provides a strong initial tack and fast speed of set to reduce clamp time. It also develops bonds stronger than wood, offers excellent sandability and is unaffected by finishes. Titebond II Fluorescent contains

    • Chemical / Polymer System Type: Vinyl
    • Viscosity: 4000 cps

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  • Description: No Description Provided

    • Services Offered: Compounding, Formulation or Synthesis, Inspection & Analytical Testing, Process Optimization, Research and Development, Training / Consulting, Specialty / Other
    • Run / Batch Size: Laboratory / Bench, Pilot Scale
    • Form: Powders, Nanomaterials, Bulk Solids / Granules
    • Chemicals / Chemical Products: Catalysts / Initiators, Chemical Agents / Additives, Foods / Beverages, Inorganic Chemicals, Organic Chemicals, Pigments / Dyes, Polymers

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  • Description: Use ClearJet® on most substrates, including canvas, vinyl (enamel receptive and non-enamel receptive), banners, fiberglass, wood, metal, plastic, and paper. ClearJet® is only for water-based inks: never apply it on solvent-based inks. Use Instead of Film Laminates Contains State-of-the-Art

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  • Description: this product will extend the life of the vinyl as well as the paint used on it. As well as wood, Masonite, MDO, drywall, metal and plastic. Also excellent for use as a clear overcoat for most inkjet prints. The UV absorbers in this product will help extend the color of dye and pigment based inks on prints

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  • Description: . The oldest and most known method of solid/liquid separation is the use of filter plates and frames. In history, filter plates and frames were made of wood and today, like all other filter plate systems, they are made of plastic. The plastic offers excellent chemical resistance and meets very high

    • Filtration Product: Oil, Other
    • Maximum Pressure: 72.52 to 102 psi
    • Industry Use: Biopharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Medical
    • Filter Medium Material: Polypropylene (PP)

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  • Description: x

    • Services Offered: Process Development Services, Process Optimization, Technology & Licensing, Training / Consulting
    • Form: Gas / Liquid Gas
    • Chemicals / Chemical Products: , Pharmaceuticals / Drugs, Pigments / Dyes, Polymers, Solvents
    • Materials / Material Products: Elastomers / Rubber, Metals / Elements, Ferrous / Iron Based (Steel, Stainless), Minerals, Plastics, Pulp & Paper, Textiles, Wood Products

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  • Description: ). Handles hard and soft solids without clogging. Non pulsating flow Applications: INDUSTRIAL:Circulating and transferring,velocity-mixing,pumping machine tool coolants, spill return, sumpdrainage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, soap, liquors, ink,dyes, alcohol, dilute acids, tanning liquors

    • Pump Type: Flexible Impeller Pumps
    • Inlet Size: 0.7500 inch
    • Discharge Size: 0.7500 inch
    • Maximum Discharge Flow: 492 GPH

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  • Description: NEI Corporation has created a solid foundation in the emerging field of nanotechnology, driven by an experienced management team and group of world-class scientists, to build a strong manufacturing and R&D infrastructure. NEI specializes in bridging the gap between nanoscale science and our

    • Services Offered: Compounding, Formulation or Synthesis, Chemical Processing, Material Processing, Powder Processing, Process Development Services, Process Optimization, Research and Development, Technology & Licensing, Toll Processing Services, Training / Consulting
    • Run / Batch Size: Laboratory / Bench, Pilot Scale, Production Lots 
    • Capacity (Mass Basis): 2.21 to 1102 lbs
    • Capacity (Volume Basis): 1 to 500 gallons

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  • Description: rimac Industries' success is built on creating customized solutions using our almost 20 years of in house expertise in cleaning, curing and drying. We offer our customers the unique advantage of purchasing reliable, long lasting and cost effective solutions all from ONE manufacturer. We also are the

    • Finishing Technology / Process: Dip / Immersion, Electrostatic, Fluidized Bed, Powder Coating, Spray / Atomization (Wet)
    • Options / Components: Booths / Rooms, Control Consoles / Systems, Curing Systems - Infrared / Oven, Dryers / Dry-Off Ovens, Pretreatment / Washing Systems, Process Water System (Deionized / RO)
    • Coatings Applied: Adhesives / Sealants, Conversion, Decorative Coating, Sugar / Food, Functional / Protective, Glaze / Inorganic, Hot Melt, Lacquer, Metallic Paint, Paint / Organic Liquid, Polymer Film / Resin Powder, Stain / Dye / Ink, Varnish, Solvent Base, Water Base
    • Products & Materials Coated: Automotive Body, Composites / Prepregs, Containers / Packaging, Electronic / Electrical Components, Extrusions / Stock Forms, Glass, Metal - Aluminum, Metal - Steel, Metal - Other, Paper / Paperboard, Pharmaceutical / Food, Plastic, Porcelain / Ceramic, Textiles / Fabrics, Wood

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  • Description: The industry's best-selling disposable valve marker! Contains 35-74% more ink than most markers. Long lasting tip. Makes bold, fast-drying, waterproof marks. Good for general marking on corrugated, wood and other porous surfaces.

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  • Penetrating Dye for Translucent Color
    range of colors and cost less than U.S. $5.00 for a four ounce bottle. Sold as a stain for leather or wood, the dyes are readily available from most leather working and woodworking supply stores.

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