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  • Monitoring Bioreactors With In-Situ NIR
    By Robert Mattes and Denise Root, FOSS NIRSystems, Inc. In the past decade, near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopic analysis has become an important analytical tool for real-time, in-situ monitoring of bioprocesses --in the spirit of the FDA 's process analytical technology (PAT) initiative. In order
  • Video Emissions Monitoring: New Compliance Tool?
    powders accumulate on the floor and must be vacuumed up. What s especially interesting about the work that McGlothlin and the 10 graduate students in his PEARL laboratory are doing, is the fact that they are applying video exposure monitoring, in a system that includes a sensor, wireless air sampling
  • Gas Monitoring: Provide Workers the Proper Equipment - Its The Right Thing to Do?
    Every day, around the world, some of the bravest souls on earth go below the surface, trusting the equipment they are outfitted with to get their work done and come out alive. Coal mining is unquestionably one of the dirtiest jobs around, and one of the most dangerous. Invisible gases lurking
  • Novel Passivation Ledge Monitor in an InGaP HBT Process
    The HBT ledge thickness and quality is vital for. device performance and reliability. In this work we. report on a measurement technique and test structure. for monitoring the emitter passivation ledge based on the. use of TaN as a barrier between the InGaP ledge surface. and the top metal contact
  • MICRO: Cleanroom Technologies - Welker (May 2000)
    of involving operating personnel in any ESD solution. Other studies have addressed such issues as the need for ground- and charge-monitoring systems, the selection of materials for ESD applications, the choice and management of air ionizers, the appropriate fabrics for cleanroom garments
  • General Manufacturing Case Study: Bar Code Readers Increase WIP Visibility for Industrial Appliance Manufacturer (.pdf)
    In order to stay ahead in today's competitive manufacturing environment, effective inventory management must extend beyond the warehouse and include real-time monitoring of work-in-process inventory as well. The automated component traceability system needed to provide a complete manufacturing
  • University of Waterloo Skip to the content of the web site.
    , the soil in which we grow our food, or the air we breathe. This technology allows us to monitor our environment accurately. But scientists, environmentalists -- and those who ultimately pick up the tab for environmental monitoring -- are concerned about the difficulty, and the costs, of the analyses
  • Hygiene in The Workplace
    Mankind has continuously searched for and found evolving means for survival. Gas monitoring instrumentation has been a part of that evolution. In the span of the last 200+ years, the act of monitoring a worker's environment for explosive and toxic gases, as well as for oxygen enrichment
  • Case Study: Highly-Sensitive Data Center Uses Avocent Technology
    The servers at the German Bundesbank process loans to the German economy totaling €7.1 trillion annually. In this environment, security is vital. The increasing volume of data and applications at this, one of the largest central banks in the Eurozone make work at the Frankfurt-based data centre
  • When It Comes to Gas Detection Training, What You Don't Know Could Hurt You!
    monoxide, and asphyxiating levels of oxygen. Detecting these gases and knowing how to work safely in the face of danger were keys to averting disaster and making it home safely on a daily basis. Initial and continuous training were then (and are still) the keys to achieving a safe work environment.