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  • Work Order Priorities
    are inter-related. Along with work order classification, failure coding and integration with business processes, this is one of the key determinants of a maintenance systems future operation. The drawbacks of not clearly defining the priorities, or defining them at a departmental level are many, they may
  • Work Order Execution and Data Capture
    schedule compliance there can be no true measure of improved execution, and without effective methods for data capture future analysis will be based on incorrect, incomplete or insufficient data. Execution is an integral part of the work order life cycle and relies on a series
  • Standardising Maintenance Work
    CMMS systems have bought the ability to greatly enhance our efforts in many areas. One of the widest reaching of all these areas is the ability to standardise the maintenance work orders via work order templates. If this function is used to greatest effect it is the area that will best reflect
  • Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF)
    Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) is a means of transmitting Unique Identification (UID) data elements into the UID Registry. The WAWF is a transaction system, supporting a distinct part of the procurement lifecycle from submission of electronic invoices through inspection and acceptance to electronic
  • With a great deal of infrastructure work on the horizon, many problems will
    serviced by the sewer line, the bypass may handle sewage from a few to several thousand. gallons per minute (gpm). This is a very simplified description of a bypass;. there are many associated factors that require the work. of specialty bypass companies. In order to select the. proper pump and equipment
  • 50 questions to help your CMMS search
    Links added in the last 30 days Produces an easy-to-use work order that allows future conversion to bar codes and other improvements to technology. Work order classifies all work by some kind of repair reason code: PM, corrective, breakdown, management decision, etc. Provides and easy way
  • Going Mobile: Building Real-Time Enterprise with Mobile Applications that Work
    Going Mobile: Building Real-Time Enterprise with Mobile Applications that Work. This book gives an objective analysis of the opportunities for working smarter-while saving time and money-by using mobile and wireless applications. It provides the information managers need in order to ask hard
  • Potential contaminants may endanger nanotechnology researches' work and health
    contamination of the spaces where contamination could impede researchers' work, the University of Maryland's student newspaper The Diamondback reported. The FabLab received a $3.65 million grant from Robert Ehrlich, governor of Maryland at the time, in order to procure the equipment necessary
  • UC Riverside to Work on Clean Hydrogen Engine - April 2002 FCT -
    UC Riverside to Work on Clean Hydrogen Engine A new approach to the use of hydrogen to fuel motor vehicles will be undertaken by engineers at the University of California, Riverside, who are seeking to develop one of the world's cleanest engines. The College of Engineering-Center for Environmental
  • CMMS Asset Life Cycle Analysis
    When prospective customers look to us for a CMMS solution, common first "needs" are "I need to better track my work orders" or "PM scheduling needs to be automated" or some other day-to-day operational improvement. All of these are real, critical needs that a quality CMMS technology must deliver

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