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  • CR4 - Thread: Lifting Structure Help
    … tilted, much of the seat is drop downward compared to seat position before lifting (thigh part), will … chrisg288 thanks a lot, so if i am using worm gear (a in your diagram?), fix it in a … … so the rack will move togethet with the pinned scissor leg (c?)on it? and the Worm gear drive the pinion gear and …
  • Robotic platform for photography applications
    Once the scissor lift elevation system was selected, a drive method to raise and lower the lift was the next logical progression. These concepts included a worm gear with lead screw, a rack and pinion system, and linear actuators.
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  • Strategic management of technology development project: The case of siemens VDO Electric Motor Co.
    … the gear tries to spin it, the friction between the gear and the worm holds it in … Window lift motor is to drive window to move up and down through cable regulator or scissors regulator according to the command of controller.
  • Gunning for perfection | News | The Engineer
    … powered by 220kW motors, press the steel into the required widths using a worm gear design with … … plant was behind the recent announcement that DaimlerChrysler has ordered more than 800 drives from Control Techniques … The AC drives (the company has specified Unidrive SP drives for all applications over 1.1kW) are used for tasks such as the control of conveyor belts, scissor lifts , automated guided transport vehicles and advanced storage systems, as well as factory units …
  • Soft Computing in Industrial Applications
    For example, Fig. 6 shows a SimMechanics model of the scissor -type lift mecha- nism that is used to move the window up and down and that is shown in Fig. 3. On the one end, a DC motor drives one of the two levers that constitute the scissor … Driving torque provided by the DC motor causes the worm part of a worm gear to rotate …
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  • Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics II
    The torque generated by the motor are provided to the steering column through the enlargement of the worm body, then to drive steering column. … directional stacking forklift for narrow aisle, the automatic electric stacker, the forward and scissors forklift, the all … All alternating current, high lift , low tonnage, narrow aisle, small turning radius” are their main technical characteristics.