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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
690093 Global Industrial Jet Equipment Not Provided Jet 690093 Jtm-4vs Milling Machine W/3-Axis Newall Dp700 Dro Knee, X, Y & Z-Axis Powerfeeds, 3 Hp
TTC3I202010BNPN PLC Radwell Intelligent Actuator Inc Not Provided CANTILEVER TYPE, 3-AXIS, X: 200MM / Y: 200MM / Z:
TTA3I404005BNPN PLC Radwell Iai Not Provided GATE TYPE, 3-AXIS, X: 400MM / Y: 400MM / Z: 50MM
TTA3I202005BNPN PLC Radwell Intelligent Actuator Inc Not Provided GATE TYPE, 3-AXIS, X: 200MM / Y: 200MM / Z: 50MM
TTC3I404010BNPN PLC Radwell Iai Not Provided CANTILEVER TYPE, 3-AXIS, X: 400MM / Y: 400MM / Z:
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    . The Model 310-S is a compact three-axis micromilling machine suited for the rapid prototyping of small plastic and metal parts. Working volumes for the x-, y-, and z-axes are 63 mm each. In addition, the unit boasts a 2- um positioning accuracy, 0.02- um resolution, and maximum acceleration of 5 g
  • Machining - Five-Axis Machining: What Are The Benefits and How Can You Achieve this Capability? - 09/07
    applications and needs that determine how a given manufacturer gets the job done. In both vertical and horizontal milling, two additional axes are added to the existing X, Y and Z axes. These two axes are typically a rotary axis that rotates around the Z axis and a tilting axis that rotates around the Y
    This figure shows an object with its C.G. at C, mounted on 4 flexible mounts and acted upon by a disturbing harmonic force Fy in the y-direction (vertical) and/or by torques, Tx, Ty and Tz acting singly or in combination about the x, y and z axes, which are principal inertia axes passing through
  • FEA Update: How to add joints to beam structures
    of freedom per node: translation in the X, Y, and Z axis and rotations about these three axes, " says Luczak. "Translations allow transmitting shear loads in two directions and an axial load. Rotations allow bending about two axes perpendicular to each other and a torque along the axis. When two
  • Engineers, meet your new best friend!
    that information to move the model on the screen. Similarly, to orient a model, simply twist the ball in any direction to rotate it about the X, Y, or Z axis. Engineers can control up to 1,024 speeds in proportion to the pressure they apply. A new, universal
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    monitor the X,Y, Z position of that point in space using linear scales on each of the three axes. There are a number of potential problems when trying to monitor circular form using this type of CMM. (Manufacturing) Noncontact Form Measurement of Medical Implants. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation
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    multiple axes need to be coordinated, as they are in an x-y-z arrangement, or can they be treated as independent axes? A common mistake is not taking into account the unique needs of an application when choosing components. Once the designer has taken the time to gain a complete understanding
  • Designing a Digital Compass Using the PIC18F2520
    sensors. measurement. The tilt angles are measured with an. FIGURE 2: PITCH. Pitch Axis. FIGURE 3: ROLL. Roll Axis. DS00996A-page 2. © 2005 Microchip Technology Inc. AN996. SENSORS. The next components requiring sensor measurement. are the magnetic X, Y and Z axes. These are important. We have discussed

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