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  • Luggage X-Ray Cooling
    . In this application, the chiller is on the rotating gantry near the X-ray generator. As the gantry is rotating continuously at 40 to 160 rpm, the size and weight of the equipment mounted on the gantry are important design considerations. Iwaki America - Partners in OEM Product Development. Luggage X-Ray Cooling
  • High Resolution X-Ray Spectrometry
    The customer works on digitizing signals from a high-resolution x-ray spectrometer that is based on superconductors, rather than semiconductors. By applying a digital filter, they hope to determine the energy of the detected x-rays with accuracy of 1-in-500 to 1-in-1000, compared to less than
  • Miniature X-Ray Tubes Utilizing Carbon-Nano Tube Based Cold Cathodes
    with different duty cycles. The frequency can be controlled by programming the. gate voltage through a signal generator. The pulsed current can be further used to produce. programmable X-ray radiation at various repetition rates and duty cycles after the. electrons are accelerated to bombard
  • Effective Technology for Blu-ray and HD Disc Process Development
    has discreet line spectrum ??The mercury lamp emits "low peak power" continuous radiation ??The mercury lamp machine integration gets complicated at high power ??The mercury lamp contains a hazardous element -mercury.... Pulsed UV For Blu-ray Disc and DVD Manufacturing PULSED UV CURING
  • Experimental Residual Stress Evaluation Of Hydraulic Expansion Transitions In Alloy 690 Steam Generator Tubing (.pdf)
    . Using x-ray. diffraction techniques, with supporting finite element. analysis, variations are compared in tubing. metallurgical condition, tube/pitch geometry,. expansion pressure, and tube-to-hole clearance. Initial. measurements to characterize the unexpanded tube. reveal compressive stresses
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Electronic Components
    , the gaskets are suited for use with a wide range of electronic cabinets and enclosures and portable devices. They are available in a range of profiles. Tecknit, Grantham, Lincs, UK. X-ray generator systems Integrated x-ray generator systems come equipped with up to 110-kV and 300-W outputs and ac or dc
  • Medical Device Link . Standards, Guidelines, and Recommendations
    to equipment specified for hyperthermia. Part 2: Particular Requirements for the Safety of High-Voltage Generators of Diagnostic X-Ray Generators (IEC 601-2-7, 1987) Specifies particular requirements for the safety of high-voltage generators of diagnostic x-ray machines operating between 10 and 400 kV
  • Medical Device Link .
    carry out a variety of mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic tests, such as product evaluation, sorting, life cycling, and x-ray imaging. Fully automatic plastic tubing cutters and coilers are also available. Flexible laser cutter is compatible with many materials. Preco Industries' PL3143 laser cutting