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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DIANCO S-5207 X-RAY TUBE National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
943002180001 Radwell Philips Healthcare Test Equipment, Test/Meter Accessory Module X-RAY TUBE SIDE WINDOW 3KW
PW218000 Radwell Philips Healthcare Not Provided SIDE WINDOW X-RAY TUBE
S82366 Radwell Machlett Machine Parts, Hose and Tubing X-RAY TUBE

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  • Improvements in Low Power, End window, Transmission-Target X-ray Tubes
    End-window transmission-target X-ray tubes are designed for very close anode-to-sample. coupling for compact portable XRF instruments. Several recent improvements have been. achieved to make these tubes considerably brighter, with better output stability and even smaller size and lower power
  • Miniature X-Ray Tubes Utilizing Carbon-Nano Tube Based Cold Cathodes
    The electron field-emission properties of carbon nanotubes enable the fabrication of cold. cathodes for a variety of vacuum device applications. The utilization of these cathodes is. an attractive alternative for the replacement of thermionic or hot cathodes for generating. X-rays. Miniature X-ray
  • Characterization Techniques for Miniature Low Power X-Ray Tubes
    as the spectral characterization of the tube. The beamspot. dimensions and location can be measured at several high-voltage settings to ensure. stability. This setup allows monitoring spectral contamination lines, total output flux, and. net target-peak intensity at the anode line. To ensure tube X-ray
  • Simultaneous XRD/XRF with low-power X-Ray tubes
    A test bench instrument constructed at Moxtek, Inc. is capable of simultaneously capturing x-ray diffraction (XRD) and x-ray fluorescence (XRF) information using a charge-coupled device (CCD) as the x-ray detector. NASA is funding the instrument's construction because of its low-power consumption
  • Luggage X-Ray Cooling
    The X-ray tube generates heat during operation and must be cooled to allow continuous operation. The cooling is accomplished by a standard chiller assembly including a liquid to air heat exchanger, a filter, a fluid reservoir and pump to move the fluid around the cooling circuit
  • Case Study: The Analog-Digital X-ray Machine
    The discovery of 'X-rays' was first reported at the end of 1895 when Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was conducting experiments with electrostatic charges and cathode ray tubes. In 2008 we have such medical imaging technology as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or positron
  • Medical Device Link .
    . It was for these reasons that device ) sought to replace the lead components in its computed tomography (CT) systems. �The electronic parts [located near the x-ray tube] in the CT scanner
  • Medical Device Link .
    integrity. Standard features include a 75-mm x-ray detector, an 80-kV 5- um x-ray tube, z-axis movement of the x-ray tube, a joystick-controlled variable-speed x-y stage with a 75 sample rotation fixture, and an image-processing cpu with a 17-in. liquid-crystal display flat-panel monitor. Designed

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  • Radiation sources of technique and medicine
    The chapter over electron and ion sources come after very detailed representations of the X - ray tube but the most important radiator of radiology and the roentgen spectra generated with it.
  • Modern roentgen diffraction
    96 4.1.1 X - ray tubes and generators.
  • Knowhow MTRA
    From constancy examinations on an X - ray tube over the determination of a location dose in a waiting room to a day test / Morning check in radiotherapy can be everything therefore by it.
  • Radiological analysis of the bone
    Here, and the photon-beams of the radionuclide sources as well as X-rays of the X - ray tube in the Absorptiometrie for application come, both are to compare it approximate under as same conditions as possible.
  • Bases of multiple line detector-computed tomography
    A plurality of technical further developments like, e.g., the spiral-scanning extremely efficient X - ray tubes as well as allow the multiple line detectors with up to 320 lines in compound with the in the meantime achieved Gantryrotationszeiten in the Subsecond...
  • Textbook of the röntgendiagnostischen adjusting technique
    Therefore, the patients by that an investigation in inclined projection is to undertake are to mount principally obliquely; only in exceptional cases the central beam through tilting of the X - ray tube must obliquely come.
  • Medical technology
    During the X-ray image the X - ray tube linearly in one direction and the roentgen film becomes .
  • Diagnostic and Interventional radiology
    An installation for the diagnostic application of X-rays generally consists in the X - ray tube as beam source, the high voltage generator for the operation of the X-ray tube in the roentgen apparatus with the receiving system and the fluoroscopy...