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Parts by Number for Xenon Arc Lamp Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
XBO3000WWHSOFR PLC Radwell Osram Lighting, HID-Halide/Sodium/Mercury Vap LAMP XENON SHORT ARC 3000WATT
XBO3000WWHSOFR PLC Radwell Osram Sylvania Lighting, HID-Halide/Sodium/Mercury Vap LAMP XENON SHORT ARC 3000WATT

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  • Atlas Fade-Ometer Identifies Cause of Degradation and Sets Standard For Firefighter's Turnout Gear
    grant, Atlas Material Testing Technology donated a Ci3000 Fade-Ometer (R). The Ci3000 Fade-Ometer uses a xenon-arc lamp that can simulate UV and visible solar radiation more closely than any other light source. It is the most widely preferred light source when the end use environment of the material
  • Medical Device Link .
    are but one of several noise sources in instrumentation and analysis equipment. Electromagnetic Interference. Xenon arc and metal-halide lamps give off electromagnetic interference (EMI). The starting pulses emitted from the lamp can reset digital electronics, and in today's surgical suite
  • Effective Technology for Blu-ray and HD Disc Process Development
    . Effective Technology for Blu-ray and. HD Disc Process Development. Workshop: May 12, 2005. Presented by. Louis Panico, CEO. About Xenon – Product Elements. Pulsed UV Lamps. Pulsed UV Curing System. Pulsed UV Sterilization Systems. 2. Workshop Topics. Understanding UV Sources. Attributes of Mercury UV
  • System Design Relating to Lens Assemblies (.pdf)
    We describe a charge-coupled device (CCD) imaging system for microarrays capable of acquiring quantitative, high dynamic range images of very large fields. Illumination is supplied by an arc lamp, and filters are used to define excitation and emission bands. The system is linear down
  • Controlling Light
    Operational supplies are frequently used to regulate the intensity of heavy-duty light sources such as xenon or arc lamps. The uniform illumination of a monochronometer is a typical objective. Light sensors typically provide the regulating feedback. These sensors include photomultiplier tubes
  • Pulsed UV Curing For Blue Laser Media
    the average. speed batch processing. lamp warm-up time, disc rotation,. • short duration pulses;. power requirement for inline DVD. fast enough to avoid heat build-up. manufacturing from 6,000 watts. “The production of next generation formats. on the substrate. (using mercury vapour lamps) to less
  • Medical Device Link .
    sapphire to metal seals, Xenon Corp. (Woburn, MA) eliminated a potential weak point the seal between metal and nonmetal and developed a lamp of high-quality construction and performance. A manufacturer of standard and custom-designed pulsed- and continuous-wave UV curing and processing systems, Xenon
  • Pulsed UV Treatment for Sanitization and Sterilization
    damage to DNA and RNA nucleic aci. C:\Clients\Xenon\Brochure Steri U V T R E A T M E N T. for. S A N I T I Z A T I O N. a n d. S T E R I L I Z A T I O N. "Xenon's pulsed UV is an advanced sterilization agent which can displace. continuous wave UV mercury vapor arc lamps in all applications
  • Photochemical Sterilization
    of. xenon arc radiation -. photochemical. and achieve high. microbial. assurance USP. inactivation dates. sterility levels for all. back to the. known. discovery in 1877. microorganisms. by Downes and. Blount (1) that. UV radiation damage. ultraviolet light. to DNA includes. can damage. formation
  • Material Testing - Your PET Bottle In The Best Possbile Light
    of Xenon-arc exposure instruments. SUNTEST®, Xenotest® and Ci Series®. Special requirements – for example, the available light spectrum and. temperature range – can be met on a customer-specific basis. The follow-. ing Atlas instrument configurations are representative for possible test. solutions

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