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  • AT Command Set and Register Summary for Microcom Modem Modules - Cisco
    When XON / XOFF flow control is enabled on the serial port (\ Q1) and XON/XOFF passthrough is enabled (\X1), the modem transmits any XON and XOFF characters sent to the serial port from the local device to the remote device.
  • Book Reviews
    There are brief explanations of serial data transmission, ASCII, modems, and flow control ( XOFF / XON only), but nothing that an engineer or scientist would consider an in-depth treatise.
    � the need for character status check � Independent bit rate selection for transmit and receive on each channel � User-programmable and automatic flow control modes for the serial channels: � In-band (software) flow control via single character ( XON / XOFF .
    XON / XOFF flow control is widely used by terminals that cannot accept continuous high speed data and by other simple serial communication lines.
    Serial Baud Rate : 1200 ~ 921,600bps Stop bits: 1, 2 Parity: None, Odd, Even Flow Control : UART1: XON / XOFF (software), CTS/RTS(hardware), none UART2: XON/XOFF, none .
    Wired Serial Port Flow Control The following methods may be used in one direction, or on both sides of the wired link: � Software Flow Control: use characters such as XON / XOFF � Hardware Flow Control: use circuits such as RT/CTS �
    I Software (Xon/Xoff)/hardware (RTS/CTS) flow control N Programmable Xon / Xoff characters N Programmable auto-RTS and auto-CTS I Optional data flow resume by Xon any character I � � I Programmable Sleep mode I Programmable serial interface characteristics N 5 �
  • Kompendium of the information technology
    Most serial devices operate further with a flow control that is set in the control register. Is conventional either a hardware inflation over wires especially (RS232 norm) become it the specific characters (Control-S, Control-Q called XON and XOFF ) for control transmitted.
    Hardware flow control significantly reduces software overhead and increases system efficiency by automatically controlling serial data flow using the RTS output and CTS input signals. Software flow control automatically controls data flow by using programmable Xon / Xoff characters.