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  • Re: RC car circuit

    When your car turns either way, the two motors have an oposite polarity to one another. Find the transistor outputs from the RF decoder that control the motors and XORthem; use the gate output to control a PWM before the DC BUS (e.g. 1=30%, 0=100%). You'll need basic skills in electronics.

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New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.
Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits, or monolithic integrated circuits, are sets of electronic circuits on one small plate, or a "chip". Each plate consists of semiconductor material such as silicon, and can be made significantly smaller than a discrete circuit from independent components. Integrated circuits are used in essentially all electronic devices today and have modernized the world of electronics. The costs of computers, mobile phones, and other digital home appliances have been made possible...

Standex-Meder Electronics
Optocouplers For Intrinsic Safety Circuits

New ATEX optocouplers for intrinsically safe circuits. The Optocoupler series are tested and certified for extreme/harsh environments such as potentially explosive atmospheres so they will not become an ignition point when subjected to short circuits or adjacent component failures. Markets the optocouplers will benefit include, but are not limited to oil & gas production, refinery, fracking, bio energy, mining, geothermal, medical, test and measurement, and others. Optocouplers...

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH
PREMA Semiconductor Process for Analog Circuits

The digital revolution led to an unforeseen growth of features integrated into ICs.   Real life is analog, so all circuits need to adapt to the analog world.   To support the increasing demand, PREMA has developed a unique semiconductor process, optimized for the needs of analog circuits.  . Our daily business is the design and production of analog ICs specifically for our customer's products in medium to high volumes in our own facility.  . ASIC design and production...