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  • Capacitive Multibutton Configurations

    . C1VIN- -. C1IN+. 0. C1. C1OUT. MUX. C1VIN+ +. C1OUT (to SR Latch). FixedRef. 1. 0. C1POL. MUX. CVREF. 1. Note 1: When C1ON = 0, the C1 comparator will produce a ‘0’ output to the XOR Gate. C1RSEL. 2: Q1 and Q3 are phases of the four-phase system clock (FOSC). 3: Q1 is held high during Sleep mode

  • AN752 CRC Algorithm for MCRF45X Read/Write Device

    . The. interrogator applies the same polynomial to the incom-. ing and transmitting data. FIGURE 1: CCITT-16 CRC ENCODER. P(x) = x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 x8 x9 x10 x11 x12 x13 x14 x15 x16 (x0). XOR. XOR. XOR. Data. LSB. Data in LSB first. COMPUTATION ALGORITHM. Example: The following procedure shows a workout

  • Software Implementation of Asynchronous Serial I/O

    and XORWF instruc-. tions (with ability to have the destination as either the. file register itself or the W register) and the sub-routine. (called GenParity) is in file txmtr.asm. FIGURE 1: AN EFFICIENT PARITY GENERATION SCHEME IN SOFTWARE. Data Byte. Bits <7:4 >. Bits <3:0 >. <3:2 >. <1:0 >. XOR. 1. 0

  • KEELOQ (R) CRC Verification Routines

    . as follows: KEELOQ CRC EQUATIONS. Listing 1: The CRC bits are calculated on the 65 previous trans-. DECF. CRC,W. mitted bits using the following equations: BTFSC. CRC,1. CRC[1]. XORLW. 3. n+1 = CRC[0]n xor Din. BTFSS. STATUS,C. and. XORLW. 3. CRC[0]. MOVWF. CRC. n+1 = (CRC[0]n xor Din) xor CRC[1]n

  • KeeLoQ HCS30X, HCS200 Stand-Alone Programmer

    Technology Inc. DS00217A-page 1. AN217. The key generation scheme is shown below: FIGURE 3: NORMAL (SERIAL NUMBER-DERIVED) LEARNING SCHEME. 02H+SN. 06H+SN. 64-bit Manufacturer’s. Transformation. 64-bit Manufacturer’s. Transformation. Code. (Decrypt or XOR). Code. (Decrypt or XOR). Upper 32 bits

  • Interrupt-on-Change Operation for Mid-Range Microcontrollers (.pdf)

    , then there is a. XOR gate are the same so input to interrupt. risk of not detecting said interrupt: latch is ‘0’ and interrupt flag is not activated. a). If pin changes level during Q1 cycle: c). If pin changes level during Q3 cycle: - Q1 will read the current state of the pin. - The same sequence

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  • Re: RC car circuit

    When your car turns either way, the two motors have an oposite polarity to one another. Find the transistor outputs from the RF decoder that control the motors and XORthem; use the gate output to control a PWM before the DC BUS (e.g. 1=30%, 0=100%). You'll need basic skills in electronics.

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