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    � text, embedded text, and visual features) to baseline systems using only keyword, only embedded text, or only � The evaluation used a set of 500 dialog box screenshots from a tutorial web- site for Windows XP (which was not part of the corpus used to create the database).
  • Upper tag ontology for integrating social tagging data
    � editor,edtech,educaci�3n,educacion,education,effects,el,elearning,e-learning,electronic, electronics,email, embedded ,employment,emulation,en � � tool,tools,top,toread,Toronto,torrent,torrents,tour,tourism,toy,toys,trabajo,tracking,trading,traffic,trailer,train,training,translation,transport,transportation,travel, tree,trees,trends,tricks,trip,tuning, tutorial ,tutorials,tutorials,tv,twitter � � XX,xbox,xhtml,xml, xp ,xslt,xxx YYahoo,yellow �
    � the Sikuli Search prototype, which employs the three-feature indexing scheme (surrounding text, embedded text, and visual � The evaluation used a set of 500 dialog box screenshots from a tutorial website for Windows XP 8 (which was not part of the corpus used to create the database).
  • mlpy: Machine Learning Python
    � and the bioinformatician more inclined to programming with a modular environment where to embed his favourite methods. � 3 and it is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows ( Xp , Vista, 7) platforms � Together with the library de- scription, a tutorial with several examples is provided as part of the �
  • Moodle 1.9 Multimedia
    � Create video tutorials about playing a musical instrument or, for example, to teach a gestural language. � is filmed during a class and then creates a web document where he embeds video clips and � � is an easy-to-use, free video editing software that comes with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.
  • Embedded software and hardware implementation system for a human machine interface based on ISOAgLib
    The ISOAgLib library-based embedded de- vices are implemented in a Linux and Windows op- erating system � � versions of the ISOAgLib programming library have been developed, as well as some tutorials and examples that � The previous ECUs tested in the Windows XP envi- ronment are shown in Fig. 5.
  • Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming
    � Agile development of open source software � Agile o?shore and distributed development � Embedded software (e.g � Many proposals were also submitted: 34 workshops, 35 tutorials , and 5 panels. � careful, critical, and thoughtful reviews, and all others involved in helping to make XP 2007 a success.
  • A formal definition of the structural semantics of Domain-Specific Modeling languages
    � for domain specific modeling languages, Proceedings of the Sixth ACM International Conference on Embedded Software (EMSOFT'06) (October � [11] Sun XP , A Research of Visual Domain-Specific Meta-Modeling Language and Its Instantiation [Ph.D � 2008, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. [14] Christoph Weidenbach, SPASS: Tutorial , 2000. .
  • Artificial Market Experiments with the U-Mart System
    � UMartSystem-Windows folder: The U-Mart system for Windoes2000/ XP . � Settings Files � csv folder: Settings files � images folder: Image files � tutorial folder: Help and � � folder: The source files (***.java) and class files (***.class) of the machine agents embedded in the U �
  • Can Design Example: Simple Sensor Node
    AN873: Using the MCP2515 CAN Developer�s Kit Serves as a three-part tutorial for the MCP2515/2510 developer�s � � Host Controller Discusses the operation of the MCP215X Host UART interface, implements an embedded system (as an � AN941: Programming Windows XP �for Embedded IR Applications This application note details the tools, supporting technologies and �