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Borate. 2. 2. Water. 2. 2. Sodium Carbonate. 2. 2. Xylene. 3. 3-4. Sodium Chlorate. 2. 2. Xylol. 3-4. 4. Sodium Chloride. 2 2. Zinc Chloride. 2. 2. Sodium Cyanide. 2. 2. Zinc Sulfate. 2. 2. Sodium Dichromate. 2. 2. Data courtesy of Chemtura Corp. Sodium Ferrocyanide. 2. 2. Sodium Fluoride. 2. 2-3...

: Phosphate ester alkyl X. Picric acid, molten. X. Whiskey and wines. A. Carbon dioxide, dry-wet. A. Hydraulic fluids: Phosphate ester aryl. X. Picric acid, water solution. I. Xylene, xylol. X. Carbon disulfide. X. Hydraulic fluids: Phosphate ester blends X. Potassium chlorite. A. Zinc chloride...

Xylol. 2. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Zinc Chloride. X. X. X. 3. 2. 1. 1. Zinc Sulfate. 3. 3. 3. 3. 2. 1. 1. KEY: 1 = Excellent 3 = Fair or Conditional. NOTE: No rating indicates. 2 = Good. X = Not Satisfactory. no data available. (Reprinted from RMA Hose Handbook IP-2 Sixth Edition). 220. Parker Hannifin...

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o-Xylol; Orthoxylene m-Xylol; Metaxylene

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In vitro study of effect of solvent on root canal retreatment

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Methyltoluene; Violet 3; Xiloli [Italian; Xylenen [Dutch; Xylenes; Xylol; Xylole [German; [ChemIDplus; includes m-xylene (108-38-3), o-xylene

ChemIDPlus/HSDB 1330-20-7 Chemical - National Toxicology...
Some of the mixed xylenes produced are added to products such as paints and coatings formulations as a solvent.

Wira Griya Mustika Product, Solvent Recycling Device [at...
Wira Griya Mustika Product, Solvent Recycling Device [at Solvent Recycling Device OES20 Solvent Recycling Device OES30

Sampling and Analytical Methods: Xylenes (o-, m-, p-isomers)...
Analysis of xylenes is one of the most requested solvent determinations performed at SLTC. 1.1.2 Toxic effects (This section is for information only
See Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Information

Sunnyside Corporation - Heavy-Duty Thinners & Solvents
Xylol Powerful paint solvent for thinning synthetic enamels, anti rust paints, porch and deck coatings..

Rhoplex R-253--Technical Data Sheet
Aged 2 days at 65?C/80% RH-g/25 mm 440 565 Solvent Resistance Solvent Wet Rub3 Solvent Mix No.14 Solvent Mix No.25 Dwell time, 60 secs 20 20
See Dow Chemical Company (The) Information

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