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  • Linear & Rotary Positioning Stages Engineering Guide (.pdf)
    , damping, tool resistance and acceleration. all forces are perpendicular to the motion of the stage. 271. Engineering Reference. Linear & Rotary Positioning Stages. 1.3 Assembly. Compound XYZ - This configuration provides the simplest form. of 3 linear degrees of freedom of a positioning system
  • How New Angular Positioning Sensor Technology
    in the linkage and, when this is in evidence, it has. a negative influence on the measurement results, since a twist of the axis. generates erroneous angle data. Figure 2 shows the XYZ coordinates for a touchless angle sensor. The working distance between magnet and measurement system
  • Medical Device Link .
    Automated platform and mix head enhance dispensing applications An automated form-in-place gasketing work cell automates low-pressure-foam meter, mix, and dispense applications. The Excell 500 work cell from (Wellingborough, Northants, UK) combines the company�s C-500 XYZ automation platform
  • An Innovative Cabling Concept Improves Reliability for Multi-Axis Stage Systems
    up to 4 separate cables (with diameters of 8 to 14 mm). And up to 27 electrical wires must be connected. Wafer inspection systems in the semiconductor industry typically consist of a stack of XYZ linear stages plus a theta rotary unit. So there can easily be perhaps 16 connectors at the final
  • Air Powered Dispensing
    pastes, however, it should be possible to. by slides and high-speed XYZ positioning systems. generate at least 10,000 deposits before failure. If. can have cumulative separations effects over many. using larger reservoirs and generating more than
  • VIVID 3D Digitizer and Underfill Testing of Cast Parts (.pdf)
    , a cross section must be displayed and checked at each axis (XYZ) or at a given angle. If the defective position can be specified for each part, displaying only a cross section rather than a contour can save time.
  • More Controllers, Fewer Cables
    and tend to outgas. * Separate control modules mounted directly to each axis can eliminate the problems associated with central controllers and motion-control cables. A relatively complex example comes from equipment for semiconductor wafer inspection. Typical systems contain a stack of XYZ linear stages
  • An Innovative Cabling Concept Improves Reliability for Multi-Axis Stage Systems (.pdf)
    . Reliability of the stage system is. contact dispensing system for ultra-low. semiconductor industry typically consist. reduced in proportion to the number. volume liquid handling. Scienion has. of a stack of XYZ linear stages plus a. of moving electrical lines. The higher. continuously expanded

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