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  • Advances in Laser Welding Systems (.pdf)
    The challenges of many medical device manufacturing applications are pushing the need for more sophisticated metals-joining technologies. In response to these requirements, pulsed Nd:YAG laser welding as become an important enabling technology, as single-use medical devices become smaller
  • Laser Welding of Plastics (.pdf)
    :YAG or direct diode, depending on the type of welding application and materials. The weld joint created using the laser is a lap geometry, one that naturally reflects many plastic joint designs. The welding concept revolves around the top material being transparent to the laser, while the underlying
  • Laser Welding Creates Potential for Small Parts Applications
    as the energy source is a process used to achieve a balance between the process of thermal fusion and metallurgical effects. Functionally, the laser generates infrared or visible light (usually with the use of Nd-YAG lasers or frequency-doubled "green" lasers for reflective metals) which
  • Laser Welding Carbon Nanocomposites
    . In the current study, direct diode and Nd:YAG solidstate lasers were used to transmission weld -carbon nanocomposite materials. The experimentation was focused on exploiting the infrared absorbing characteristics of the carbon nanocomposites. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) based polymer was used
  • Laser Solutions - Laser Die Repair (.pdf)
    Manual welding/cladding, using pulsed Nd:YAG lasers, is a developing process that has recently been introduced to North American tool and moldmakers. Laser energy supplies the heat to fuse tool steel filler wire onto worn tool steel surfaces to achieve superior surface restoration. Two
  • Fiber Laser Welding of High Integrity Implantable Medical Devices
    , particularly used for electrical connections, have become so small and thin that the conventional Nd:YAG laser performs like a big and rough tool. The greatest challenge for welding is that the miniature components have limited heat sink ability, particularly if the components contain heat sensitive elements
  • Laser Marking: Scratching the Surface
    In the past, CO2 and Nd: YAG lasers dominated the marking,. cutting and welding of industrial tooling and manufactured. goods. These laser types were the first to be brought. to the marketplace and they were quite useful for their time. Focusing solely on the laser marking side
  • Welding with light
    :YAG lasers to the workpiece by moving the workpiece itself, moving the laser head with a robotic arm, or by redirecting the beam with two scanner mirrors, focusing optics, or wave guides. Welding-seam width is adjustable from about /10 mm to several millimeters. Automotive parts made from

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