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CD15FD101FO3+YIG National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
CAT25256YIG ASAP Semiconductor ONS Not Provided STOCK
CAT25020YIG ASAP Semiconductor ONSEMI Not Provided cat25020yi-g
CAT25040YIG ASAP Semiconductor ONS Not Provided STOCK
CAT25020YIG ASAP Semiconductor ONS Not Provided STOCK
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...on the applied tuning voltage. Unlike YIGs the. VCOs are extremely fast; microseconds operation is easi-. ly achieved. VCOs are currently available as tiny ICs,. whose size, power consumption and cost is negligible in. comparison with the YIG devices. However, the noise per-. formance is considerably worse...

) that exceeds the performance of traditional. pendent power and frequency sweep, and list mode. A. YIG-based synthesizer designs at the same frequency set-. built-in power equalizer easily sets a flat or virtually any. tings. Phase hits (usually inherent to YIGs) are also. desirable output power...

...and (A,C,D) are lattice site. Yttrium aluminum iron garnet or YIG (Y2Fe5O12) is a common microwave or ferromagnetic garnet. Magnetization levels are modified by substituting Al for Fe or combinations of Ho, Dy or Gd for Y in microwave or ferromagnetic garnets....

In contrast, indirect phase-. lock-loop (PLL) frequency-synthesis architectures bring smaller-size and lower-cost benefits but. suffer from serious design tradeoffs. Historically, high-performance microwave PLL frequency. synthesizers have relied on YIG-tuned oscillators for broadband operation...

: Power leveling is the ability to hold power output constant as a function of. frequency. Broad band signal generators usually use Yig Oscillators (By varying dc current to a. Yig Oscillator, the frequency of the oscillator will change as a function of the current input to the. oscillator...

-. …microsecond tuning speed. tal broadband systems. mined by a particular synthesizer architecture. require much wider. (together with YIG-based. and frequency plan. In microwave communi-. frequency coverage ex-. cation systems, the spurious products can limit. phase noise and spurious. tending...

...signal. upconverter architectural design employ-. ing a flexible mix of primary functional. generator must encompass the dual functionality of a. modules such as: frequency synthesizer,. mixer, Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) band pass. generic frequency synthesizer and upconverter integrated. filter, RF...

Path (2.7-26.5 GHz). The RF input can be also. PXI family members. The reference generator circuitry routed through a YIG tuned pre-selector filter (YTF). utilized in the LOM is designed to be immune to external operating from the -12 V PXI chassis supply voltage and has. noise perturbations past... the A/D con-. RF/Microwave components , such as YIG tuned. verter and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) soft-. pre-selection filters, which are utilized to synthe-. ware respectively will bear erroneous results. size a frequency translation device such as a. RF/MW Down Converter. As can be seen from...

408-428-1500. 8-428-15. ww. w w. w .pha. w. sem. .pha. a. sem trix. a. .com. trix. sal. a es. e @phas. ph em. e at. m o. © 2008 P. 200. h. 8 P a. h s. a e Matrix, Inc. e Matrix. RF/MW Challenges in a PXI Form Factor. • PXI Voltage Supplies. – 12 Volts Max. • YIG Tuned Filter (YTF). power requirements...

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Base Body For A Yig Filter Or Yig Oscillator invention
Abstract: A base element for a YIG band-pass filter or a YIG oscillator is formed from a non-magnetic material and comprises filter chambers, which

Yig Filter Tuning System invention

20 - 04 - 2005 YIG ????? , c'est pas compliqué .................... Beaucoup d'OMs se posent certainement la question, c'est quoi ça ???

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Yttrium iron garnet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yttrium iron garnet (YIG) is a kind of synthetic garnet, with chemical composition Y3Fe2(FeO4)3, or Y3Fe5O12.

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