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What are some of the projects you have used analytical laboratory services for?
24 answers
I used to be an analytical chemist and retired in my position as professor of analytical chemistry in Padjadjaran University Indonesia. My PhD from New South Wales University in 1989 in the field of Mass Spectroscopy. Unfortunately, I have no published papers, due to no facility to do good quality research.
~Other, Bandung, Indonesia
1. for development of analytical methods for a generic pharmaceutical formulations 2. for analytical method validation and verification of official method 3. providing contract based analytical services for pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and food
~Quality Control/Assurance, Asmara, Eritrea
EDS to confirm differences in elemental composition. High temperature molecular weight analysis, polymer additives analysis, FTIR for reverse engineering polymers.
~Research & Development, Houston, TX
Sampling system integrate for steam and water analysis system for electric power project, oil refinery and petrochemical project.
~Engineering Consultant, Yanyang city, Korea (South)
Analysis of materials for which my company does not have the instrumentation (heavy metals testing, mass spectrometry).
~Technical Support/Services, Columbus, MS
Initial installations of analytical laboratory equipment in Romania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran.
~Laurentiu Speri, Service Engineer, Bucharest, Romania
Surface water and waste water analysis; industrial water processing; air trace analysis; air pollutions analysis
~Technical Support/Services, VILNIUS, Lithuania
Laboratory centrifuge ,Liquid Nitrogen container, low temperature bath,Deep freezer -20 Degree C
~Marketing/Sales, New Delhi, India
For DMPK studies through the implementation of Therapeutic drug monitoring in HIV treatments
~Chris C, Technical Support, Capetown, South Africa
PH-meters, conductivity meters, Turbidymeters, GC's H2 and N2 Generators and others
~Azamat T, Instrument analysers specialist, Guzar district, Uzbekistan
Environmental monitoring, oil, water, gas conditioning facilities periodical check
~Technical Support/Services, Campina, Romania
National and International projects in the field of materials characterization
~Sorina M., Research & Development, Bucharest, Romania
1) Chemical analysis of polymers, 2) biocompatibility testing
~Research & Development, Salt Lake City, UT
I installed GC and LC to customer place around Indonesia
~Felix A, Technical Support, Mackay, Australia
Environmental testing, Industrial Hygiene
~General Corporate Mgmt, Hastings, MN
Fiber, waste water, mineral analysis, etc
~Research & Development, Muscatine, IA
I am an analytical chemist
~Research & Development, Fort Washington, PA
Chemical determination .
~Elisoara_Narcissa Toma, Research & Development, Pitesti, Romania
Organic Micropollutants
~Technical Support/Services, Barcelona, Spain
Water Treatment
~Engineering, Other, Islamabad, Pakistan
Water testing.
~Margaret P, Laboratory Coordinator, Sydney, Australia
~Marketing/Sales, Melbourne, Australia
SF6 analysis
~Research & Development, Atlanta, GA
~Sohaib B, Materials Lab, Dallas, TX

Please share with us any “non-standard” projects that analytical laboratory services have been used for.
8 answers
You need to have a confirmatory test using different method so as to have acceptance of the non standard method. For example: if you have a method that requires UV method you need to set a method to counter check the obtained results.
~Quality Control/Assurance, Asmara, Eritrea
Direct orders from SME's with special conditions, some "non - usual" methods of characterization.
~Sorina M., Research & Development, Bucharest, Romania
Material identification at the Romanian-Ukrainian border for the smugglers' traffic.
~Laurentiu Speri, Service Engineer, Bucharest, Romania
Third party analysis of litigation samples Deformulation of products on the market
~Technical Support/Services, Columbus, MS
Purification of herbal solutions through use of HPLCs.
~Chris C, Technical Support, Capetown, South Africa
Finding out what was the blue dye used in the water.
~Margaret P, Laboratory Coordinator, Sydney, Australia
Drug testing, alcohol testing - 96 hour analyte
~General Corporate Mgmt, Hastings, MN
~Sohaib B, Materials Lab, Dallas, TX

Do you know of any disastrous mistakes that occurred due to faulty or incompetent practices of analytical laboratory services?
3 answers
We were looking for halogenated compounds in a compressor slurry that formed over time. The analytical lab dissolved the residue in methylene chloride, thus dissolving the compounds we were interested in studying. Any proof that halogens were leaking and reacting with the gas stream was obliterated by this mistake.
~Research & Development, Houston, TX
Someone from an analytical lab forgot the acetylene supply with leakages not closed and the next day a small explosion took place in their lab.
~Laurentiu Speri, Service Engineer, Bucharest, Romania
The wrong results were produced, the ammendment report had to be issued and the laboratory credibility suffered.
~Margaret P, Laboratory Coordinator, Sydney, Australia


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