Engineering360 has asked its users about the latest design trends and features related to Linear Bearing Rails. They have also shared their product applications and tips on how to buy and use these products.
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What would your design or feature "wish list" be for this product?
9 answers
To be able to greatly increase moment load capacity in all directions equally without having to increase the size of rail and block.
~Michael G, Linear Motion Design Technician, Perth, Western Australia
Common standards, so rails which have a damage could be changed with available brands. Common classes. From coarse til precision.
~Bjarke M, Research & Development, 3450 Allerød Denmakr, Denmark
Lower price, increased capacity, standardization and interchangeability of blocks and rails in the industry.
~Marketing/Sales, Reading, PA
Two inline rail connection with smooth carriage transfer.
~Mukund K, CEO, Pune, India
Integration between guidance and drive.
~Mark B, Chief Technical Officer, Tuggerah Business Park, Australia
Dust proof and heat resistant
~Engineering, Design, Bogor, Indonesia
Bullet-proof bearing blocks
~Tom, Tool & Die Maker, Chatham, Canada
Built in position feedback
~Manufacturing, Hamilton, New Zealand

Is there any advice you want to share with users to help them avoid common errors in selection or usage of linear guides and rails?
4 answers
Always try to consult an expert in the field. If you don't know what you are doing you may be throwing your money away by selecting the wrong set up for your application.
~Michael G, Linear Motion Design Technician, Perth, Western Australia
In uses where two or more guides work parallel to each other, only one should be master guide and if possible heavier than the supporting(s).
~Bjarke M, Research & Development, 3450 Allerød Denmakr, Denmark
Don't be afraid to put extra seals on the blocks. Contamination kills.
~Marketing/Sales, Reading, PA
Check bending moments carefully
~Mukund K, CEO, Pune, India


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