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What are some of the applications you have used power transformers for?
32 answers
Complete Supply, Installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of 132KV, 220KV AIS and GIS type Grid Station including Power Transformer of 132/11 KV and 60 MVA Power Transformer for Pakistan Water and Power Authority (WAPDA) GRID System operation under world Bank and Asian development loan. We have complete tools for maintenance including Dehydration of Transformer oil with the plant of regeneration of Transformer oil under World Environmental Authority being approved to regenerate Power Transformer oil due to its use in bulk. Further we witness the all IEC Type Test in Short Circuit Labor try Holland. With this experience our Team has develop SOP for some routine test at site prior to energize the repaired Transformer.
~Khalid Malik, General Management, Lahore, Pakistan
We have used power transformers for step up application from 21 KV to 400 KV to feed power generated by 500 MW generator to grid. We have also used Unit auxiliary Transformers (step down) from 21 KV generator out put to 6.6 KV for auxiliary power consumption of power plant. Station transformer step down from 33 KV to 6.6/11 KV for station auxiliary application. Tie transformers (stem down from 33 KV to 11 KV) for common station auxiliaries applications. CVTs , ICTs in 400 KV grid etc.
~Project Management, Vikash Bhawan, korba, India
I use them for a variety of research projects. Sometimes to step down the voltage and rectify the output for electroplating. Sometimes I used high voltage transformers for ozone generation or even rectify the high voltage for applications such as electrostatic separation of valuable minerals from dirt. I also use high voltage transformer in a hobby...building Tesla coils. There are just too many applications to list here.
~Engineering, Consulting, Bayfield, CO
- distribution transformers, three-phase - dry-type transformers, three-phase, resin - transformers for inverter systems power supply - transformers for catenary lines - tramway, underground - earthing transformers , three-phase - arc-suppressing reactors, single-phase - special transformers and reactors, customized or made to specific
~Kris S, Project Manager, Myszkow, Poland
Currently in the field of refurbishment, re-design of generation, transmission and distribution transformers in South Africa anything from 795Mva to 4.5Mva, where we have our own Heat run test facility. I am currently in the training.
~Gregory Smith, Technical Trainer, Cleveland, South Africa
Power electronics as: convertors, Ups output up to 16MVA Distributions up to 8 MVA Special as water cooled, forced air cooled Railways traction, naval propulsion
~Bertini Antonino, Engineering Consultant, Perugia, Italy
Power transformers are installed in grid substation,primary substation and bulk supply installation.we have to do maintenance work and repairs.
~Krishnamoorthy K, Engineer, Kandy, Srilanka
Power distribution on a plant level and on a machine level. Voltage matching for resitive heating applications. Impedance limiting.
~John Boomer, Marketing/Sales, Mentor, OH
To transform medium voltage to low voltage for industrial consumption at various sites
~Willie B, Engineer, Luanda, Angola
Multi secondary for valve audio amplifiers requiring heater and B+ Vs. (6.2 and 400 V)
~Engineering, Process/Production, Clil, Israel
We used them on the construction and operation and maintenance sector of our company
~Marketing/Sales, RIYADH, Saudi Arabia
To transfer power fron transmission system to distribution system
Eletrical supply to factories,house and three phase motors
~Derick P, Engineer, Dartford, United Kingdom
Step up / step down and for rectification transformers.
~Engineering, Faculty/Staff/Student, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
For transmission and distribution of electrical power
~Engineering, Consulting, Pittsburg, CA
For electrical power transmission - 132kv to 400kV.
~Damodar C, Engineering Consultant, Jaipur, India
To step down electricity supply and distribution
~Engineering, Other, Satellite town, Nigeria
3 Phase UPS converting 480V Delta to 480V wye.
~John H, General Management, San Salvador, El Salvador
Directing industrial customer applications
~Marketing/Sales, Erie, PA
Step-up transformers for generation plants
~Engineering, Consulting, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Power transmission and distribution
~Engineer, Gen.santos city, Philippines
Power generation and distribution.
~Engineering, Design, Havre de Grace, MD
Generator Step up Transformer
~Engineering, Process/Production, Oslo, Norway
As isolation transformers.
~Engineering, Other, Colombo 3., Sri Lanka
Isolated DC/DC converters
~Alain CROSET, Architect, TOULOUSE, France
Testing other equipment
~Engineering, Design, ASKIM, Sweden
Electronic engineering.
~Other, Nr Preston, Great Britain
Electrical Substations
~Engineering, Consulting, Irving, TX
Telecom - Automotive
~Purchasing, LA LOYE, France
~Engineering, Consulting, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
Power supplies
~Sreedhar Naidu, Production Engineer, Coimbatore, India
~Engineering, Process/Production, Hyderabad, India

Please share with us any “non-standard” applications that power transformers have been used for.
8 answers
Any kind of special rectifying system Water treatment Explosion proof Submerged Earthquake proof
~Bertini Antonino, Engineering Consultant, Perugia, Italy
Parallel operation of different sizes/MVA ratings of power transformers
~Engineer, Gen.santos city, Philippines
Special three-phase resin transformers (kl H) for mining
~Kris S, Project Manager, Myszkow, Poland
Star Delta connection Delta connection Metering
~Willie B, Engineer, Luanda, Angola
Over rating factor for more than 8 hours
I have not seen anything like that.
~Engineering, Design, Havre de Grace, MD
I have not come across such use.
~Damodar C, Engineering Consultant, Jaipur, India
There are too many to name.
~John Boomer, Marketing/Sales, Mentor, OH

Do you know of any disastrous mistakes that occurred due to the incorrect usage of power transformers?
7 answers
Our one Grid Station caught fire due to use of unbranded Transformer oil. During investigation it was found that the Transformer oil Pour point and flash point were very not up to the standard of IEC rules and regulation. When Transformer was fully loaded and working in the month of June where open temperature was 55 Deg C. Where the Transformer was designed on 45/55 ambient Temperature.
~Khalid Malik, General Management, Lahore, Pakistan
Yes. people over-loads the tr. in winter stating that the outside temperature is low. People use them without getting the oil and dissolved gas analyzed. people making tries after tries even on differential trippings or gas-relay operation.
~Damodar C, Engineering Consultant, Jaipur, India
-Common transformers for rectifying use or for wind turbines - Paralleling transformers with different characteristics - Surcharge or overvoltage due to capacitive loads
~Bertini Antonino, Engineering Consultant, Perugia, Italy
Insulation problems between windings and core.
~Sreedhar Naidu, Production Engineer, Coimbatore, India
We have to do the substation earthing properly.
~Krishnamoorthy K, Engineer, Kandy, Srilanka
Overheating that cause explosions
~Derick P, Engineer, Dartford, United Kingdom
See above
~Willie B, Engineer, Luanda, Angola


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